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ALISON SMITH-SQUIREWelcome! Wondering how ‘should I sell my story’? Whether you want to sell your story to a newspaper, magazine or TV, selling your story through Featureworld is the safest way.

Perhaps selling your real-life story would help pay for a holiday? Or you want to sell your true story for charity?

You might have experienced a life-changing event, beaten an illness, blossomed after divorce, found love or you want to sell a story to expose a wrong-doing, love-rat or cheat?

Maybe you’ve read a real-life story in a national newspaper or women’s magazine and thought ‘That could be me?’ You might even dream of selling your life story and becoming famous or being on TV?

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Whatever your reason -

you’ve come to the right person …!

Because I am paid by the publication for writing your article,  using my friendly and independent service is free. And I can help you choose the best magazine, newspaper or TV show to sell a story to – I can even sell your story worldwide.

How to sell your story to a magazine


Having your own experienced media and press agent ensures selling your story safely, accurately – and that you are paid. Furthermore, selling a story via Featureworld entitles you to confidential and free advice – plus full support before, during and after your story is printed.


WHOLE OF MARKET SERVICE : Sell your story to all national press, magazines and TV throughout the UK and abroad!


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Dear Alison … I want to sell my story through … you can either email me or use the sell my story enquiry form.

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Don’t forget, if you don’t have a true real-life story to sell, but would still like the chance to star in a newspaper, in a magazine or on TV, you can join the Featureworld Casting Directory. You’ll receive FREE regular updates on all the features I am currently working on and can pick the right one for you.

Alternatively see my Stories Wanted list. Whichever way you choose to sell your story, I offer a one-stop personalised service, putting you first all the way.


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