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Welcome! Wondering how to ‘sell my story’?  If you want to sell your story to the media selling your story with Alison at Featureworld is the safest way – for the most money…

Maybe you’ve read a real-life story in a national newspaper or women’s magazine and thought ‘That could be me?’ But you worry about approaching a national publication directly or speaking to a large impersonal press agency?

If so, you’ve come to right person!

My Latest Real Life Stories...

  • Three pals breastfeed my baby…

    Breastfeeding story about wet nursing in THE SUN newspaper…  Over a dozen mums have also donated breast milk to mum Nikki Kamminga for baby Bastian…   Nikki Kamminga contacted me because she wanted to promote breastfeeding and also show how … Continue reading

  • Bypass death daughters appear on ITV This Morning…

    Chantel Graf appeared with sister Melissa on ITV This Morning to talk about their mum Angela Jones’ death following a gastric bypass…  But Chantel is too overwhelmed with emotion to carry on with the interview. Following publication of her story … Continue reading

  • Why was my tummy so big?

    Giant ovarian cyst story in TAKE A BREAK magazine…  Real-life cyst story… Sophie Gill, 23, felt overweight but didn’t know why she had got larger.  However, her waistband was getting tighter and she was horrified when people began asking her … Continue reading

  • Starved to death … by a gastric bypass.

    Weight-loss surgery story makes front page of the SUNDAY PEOPLE newspaper… and appeared in the DAILY MAIL. Angela Jones underwent a gastric bypass. But afterwards she never ate properly again and finally died aged just 42 weighing a pitiful five … Continue reading

More recently published stories  ….

Why sell my story?

You might have experienced a life-changing event, beaten an illness, blossomed after divorce, found love or maybe you want to sell a story to expose a wrong-doing, love-rat or cheat? Perhaps selling your real-life story would help pay for a holiday? Or you want to sell your true story for charity?

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Because I am paid by the publication for writing your article,  using my friendly and independent service is free. And I can help you choose the best magazine, newspaper or TV show to sell a story to – I can even sell your story worldwide.

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Having your own experienced media and press agent ensures selling your story safely, accurately – and that you are paid. Furthermore, selling a story via Featureworld entitles you to confidential and free advice – plus full support before, during and after your story is printed.

SELL YOUR STORY Whole of Market Service to all national press, magazines and TV throughout the UK and abroad!

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Don’t forget, if you don’t have a true real-life story to sell, but would still like the chance to star in a newspaper, in a magazine or on TV, you can join the Featureworld Casting Directory. You’ll receive FREE regular updates on all the features I am currently working on and can pick the right one for you.

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