Charlie Gard: Parents to appear in first BBC interview…

BBC Interview Charlie Gard: Parents of desperately ill baby to appear on BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire show… 

Great Ormond St withdraw life support

Connie and Chris with baby Charlie

Following their appearance on ITV This Morning and their recent newspaper coverage, Connie Yates and Chris Gard are to speak out on BBC2’s Victoria Derbyshire show.

The couple’s story also appeared on the Daily Mail for the third day running as the family thanked the generosity of the public. Their Gofundme page is heading for a quarter of a million pounds.

The pair were recently given just a month to save their son Charlie’s life. Currently Charlie, who has a rare type of mitochondrial disease, is on life support at Great Ormond St Hospital.

Doctors at the hospital have lodged a legal application with the High Court to have Charlie’s life support discontinued. They believe Charlie should be allowed to die ‘in dignity.’

Daily Mail - Charlie Gard

Mum Connie with Charlie in the Daily Mail

But his parents don’t consent. They want to give Charlie the chance of life. After scouring the internet they found an eminent doctor in the US who is confident Charlie can have pioneering treatment that could save his life.

They now have a month to put a case forward to the High Court and in April a judge will decide if their son’s life support will be removed.

Connie and Chris are particularly grateful to the Daily Mail who have championed their story and their Gofundme page to raise the £1.2million needed for the US treatment.

In their most recent Daily Mail article, Connie said: ‘We are so buoyed by all the public support from people all over the world. We are absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone who’s donated to help Charlie.

‘It has given us real hope during the most difficult time of our lives and we’d like to thank everyone who has donated so far.

‘We have been fighting Charlie’s corner the whole way and knowing that we have so much support behind us gives us even more strength to continue fighting.

‘We have a real belief in these mediations and Charlie is stable and not in pain so as long as he is still fighting we will fight for him.

‘We are loving parents who just want the best for our son. And there is no way we are giving up on him.’

To donate to their fund go to:

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