Meet our real-life water baby!

Our WATER BABY! DAILY MAIL story about Premature Rupture of the Membranes in pregnancy (PPROM) … 

real life water baby Daily Mail

Mum Louise with gorgeous baby Joseph!

Drinking SEVEN pints of water a day saved my baby’s life…

Louise Adams’ waters broke at 22 weeks

Doctors expected baby Joseph to die

But Louise managed to increase the amniotic fluid by drinking seven pints a day

Joseph was born THREE months later and is perfectly healthy

Louise says drinking the water saved her baby’s life

When Louise Adam’s waters broke at 22 weeks she and her husband Jakk were devastated.

Doctors said their baby was not viable and had a 95 per cent chance of dying. The couple – both teachers –  were advised to go home, wait for the miscarriage to happen and plan their baby’s funeral.

Drinking water saved my baby's life

The family on Mail Online

But Louise was determined to give her son the best chance of survival.

Desperate to cling onto him in the womb, as Louise, 28, waited for the the ‘inevitable’ miscarriage, she scoured the internet.

She discovered that drinking lots of water could replenish the amniotic fluid – and drinking cranberry juice and garlic would fight infection.

She said: “I found research that increasing fluid intake can replenish lost amniotic fluid. The more the mother drinks the more the baby drinks and urinates.  As excretion of urine by the unborn baby is the major source of amniotic fluid production in the second half of pregnancy, it made sense that increasing my fluid intake could make a difference.”

In the US mothers whose waters break early are regularly put on drips – but there is little research.

While her UK doctors were sceptical, they were supportive. ‘They said it couldn’t do any harm,’ she says, ‘although they were sceptical it would help.’

Determined Louise shut herself off from the world and drank seven pints of water a day. Incredibly as the days slowly went by her baby continued to grow.

He was finally delivered by c section at 34 weeks weighing 4Ib and crying his eyes out.

After just a week in hospital he was ready to come home – now a smiling baby the couple claim is a miracle.

Doctors in the US claim when a woman drinks more fluid the water goes through the placenta to the baby. The amniotic fluid is produced by the baby urinating in the womb. If the baby drinks more water he will urinate more thus replenishing the amniotic fluid.

 A spokesperson for Little Heartbeats, a charity which supports women who suffer from PPROM said: “Many of our mums believe drinking water to replenish their amniotic fluid levels have helped. Many other countries such as the US do recommend that mum’s increase their water consumption.”

Louise wanted to tell her story to help any other women going through the same nightmare. You can read the full story on Mail Online.

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