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Heart shaped womb miracle mum gives birth to triplets

Miracle triplets born from mum with heart shaped womb – story on Mail Online Doctors told Jemma Sheppard, 31, she would struggle to carry one baby As well as polycystic ovarian syndrome, she has a heart shaped uterus or two womb cavities But astonishingly she gave birth to non identical triplets Doctors believe all three…

CSA dad Ross Mclaughlan - Natasha Bell

Natasha Bell speaks out – Ross Mclaughlan must take DNA test

Natasha Bell and mum Angie Nelson tell their story in the DAILY MAIL Two weeks ago Ross Mclaughlan appeared in the Daily Mail to tell his story about how he is being hounded for child support for a daughter he has never met and never knew existed. Mr Mclaughlan claimed he has no recollection of…

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Flight diverted after drunk passenger’s mid air rant

Holidaymaker’s flight diverted after row breaks out in mid air – video on Mail Online Passengers cheer as ‘out of control’ daughter and her mother are led away A holidaymaker contacted Featureworld with a video of a woman passenger being escorted off an aeroplane – after a shocking rant in mid air. The video of…

Dominic Raab, Majestic Wine

Photo of Dominic Raab shopping for beer after his resignation

Dominic Raab goes shopping… photo on MailOnline An observant shopper snapped this pic of former Brexit secretary Dominic Raab stocking up with beer at his local supermarket. Mr Raab sent the government into meltdown when he resigned after Theresa May revealed her Brexit deal. However, days after making sensational headlines worldwide he was spotted in…

Marie Neal - miracle baby

Mum who went through the menopause at 36 has miracle baby 13 years later

Mum, 49 finally gives birth to first baby – after going through the menopause 13 years ago – story in the DAILY MAIL  Marie Neal’s extraordinary story will give hope to anyone going through infertility After going through IVF eight times, having two miscarriages and three ectopic pregnancies, doctors said trying again would be risking…