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Miracle triplets

Miracle of the hidden triplets

Miracle triplets: Mum who lost a baby during ectopic pregnancy is stunned to be told weeks later she is still pregnant – with triplets … story in the SUNDAY MIRROR Stacey Fletcher 32,  and partner Damian Taylor were devastated to lose a child to ectopic pregnancy After undergoing surgery to remove the tube the couple…

Baby scan saved mums life, sell my story

Mums life saved by baby ultrasound scan…

Baby ultrasound scan saved my life … story in the SUNDAY PEOPLE newspaper Meet the baby girl who saved her mum’s life in the womb   Yasmin was thrilled to be pregnant Private ultrasound scan showed although baby was healthy, she had a tumour on her bladder Consultants warned having surgery to remove the cancerous…

Antonio Marsocci babies

Single gay business man fathers twins via egg donor and surrogate

Single Gay dad Antonio Marsocci tells his story in the SUNDAY MIRROR newspaper… Antonio Marsocci, a single gay man who longed to be a father, contacted Featureworld because he wanted to tell his amazing story to the world! He recently welcomed twin daughters via an egg donor and surrogate. Antonio, 47, from sw London travelled…

Hannah Alexander wedding

Childhood sweethearts win dream £10,000 wedding for free

Couple have their dream £10,000 wedding for free – after bride wins it in over 20 prizes … Story in the Sunday Mirror and Star on Sunday  Childhood sweethearts Hannah and James Alexander dreamed of a £10,000 wedding But the couple couldn’t afford it So Hannah, 28, a supermarket sales assistant spent over a year…

Wrongly accused of kidnap

Father awarded £50,000 after being wrongly accused of kidnapping his own child

Wrongly accused: Jailed dad given £50,000 compensation after being wrongly jailed for kidnapping his own child … story in the SUNDAY MIRROR James Cooper spent six months in prison after being wrongly accused of kidnap Police awarded damages after it emerged police failed to download phone messages that cleared him James Cooper came to Featureworld…

Steve Carruthers blagger

Blagger Steve Carruthers gets £5K ringside seat free for Conor McGregor UFC fight…

Story about Steve Curruthers from Hull appears on Mirror Online…  British super blagger Steve Curruthers strikes again – gets £5K ringside seat at Conor McGregor UFC fight for free AND celebrities think he is the VIP… British blagger Steve Carruthers dons suit to charm his way into VIP area at Conor McGregor UFC fight. Celebrities…