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Why sell your story to Closer magazine?

Sell my story to Closer magazineCloser is one of the glossiest, most read weekly magazines in the UK…

Want to know what it’s like to be a celebrity? Why not have your story featured alongside celebs in Closer magazine? Closer magazine is published every Tuesday. Readers of Closer adore their weight loss and beauty articles as well as the latest gossip on all the stars. Closer also publishes real life stories about real people like you!

Selling your story via Featureworld to Closer ensures:

  • Your story will be seen by the right editor in the right department
  • Your story will be read back to you prior to publication
  • You get the best deal. We shop around to check no magazine can pay more!
  • Ensures you are paid promptly
  • Free independent advice. All deals are put in writing.
  • You keep all of your fee when your story via Featureworld

Recent stories sold to Closer magazine:

After your story has appeared in a magazine, we can sell your story onto a second magazine, get you a deal with a newspaper or arrange for you to appear on TV. You are paid every time your story is printed to selling your story via Featureworld hugely increases your earnings! Featureworld syndication department also means your story can be sold around the world, if you wish.

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Will Closer mag buy my story?

Closer loves stories about women and men of all ages from all parts of the UK – and it also sometimes features interviewees from abroad. The magazine specialises in newsy features illustrated with bright glossy photos. Although they often use interviewee’s own photos, editors sometime give interviewees star celebrity treatment and send a photographer along with hair, make up and stylist!

How much money does the magazine pay for stories?

Closer pays up to £2000 for real-life stories it publishes but the average payment from magazines for stories that go over two pages is between £300 and £500. It can be less for stories that take less space than a page. Top payments are only made for very sensational exclusive stories. Payment depends on your story and is at the discretion of the editor.

What happens when I sell my story to Closer?

When you contact Featureworld we will tell you straightaway if we think your story is suitable for Closer magazine. If it is, we will approach editors on your behalf. You can find out more about the process of selling your story here.

See a selection of stories we’ve placed in Closer here…

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Mark, Kerry and their sons .

Obese teen story, Closer

Obesity in teens report


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