Featureworld welcomes enquiries from people of all genders, races, religions, disabilities and sexual orientation. 

A personal message from Alison…

I champion every story that I take on. I know that contacting Featureworld is often a big step and I want every interviewee to have the very best experience dealing with the media.

Ethical sell my story

Peace of mind is important

At the heart of Featureworld are strong ethical beliefs. I believe it is the open and honest way I conduct business that encourages interviewees come back time and again to sell their story.  This is why selling your story via Featureworld is the safest way to get a story into a newspaper, magazine or on TV.

In addition to abiding by UK print, press and publishing laws, I operate a rigorous policy of self regulation to ensure stories are sold with the utmost integrity.


* To represent ordinary members of the public who wish to sell their story or simply gain publicity in a newspaper, magazine or on TV.

* To ensure people always get a fair deal, that their stories are written as they wish them to be and that if payment is agreed, they are always promptly paid.

* To give people an honest opinion of their story allowing someone time to consider all the pros and cons. You can tell me anything! I am never personally judgemental – the only judgement I make is whether you have a story I can sell or not.


* I will only sell your story if it is of benefit to you to sell it. For example, Featureworld interviewees must benefit from a fair payment, raise awareness of their cause or promote their charity or business.

* All conversations between myself and potential interviewees are off the record and confidential. If, having spoken with me, potential interviewees decide not to go ahead, that is the end of it.

* All deals are put in writing. Individuals must give their written consent prior to their story being published. Interviewees must give their consent in writing again before their story is syndicated (sold on) in any multiple deals.

* Stories are always read back to an interviewee – and may be recorded – prior to publication to ensure they are accurate and people are happy with the way they are portrayed.

* Photos provided by interviewees always belong to them and can only be printed with an interviewee’s written consent.

Responsible journalism

* Featureworld never contacts anyone by unexpectedly turning up at their home (doorstepping.)

* Featureworld has never undertaken and does not undertake any undercover journalism activities, such as stings.

* Personal details such as phone numbers are never passed to any third parties without an interviewee’s written consent (so please do not ask.)

* I do not permit interviewees to sign any all-rights contracts or any other unfair contracts which do not benefit them.

* In addition, Featureworld abides by the Editorial Code of Practice as set out by IPSO – scroll to the bottom of this page for a link to read it.

Finding out more

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