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Thinking of selling a story to the press? Many people would like to sell a story to the media but are concerned about the best way to go about it. Selling a story through the media is explained on this website. All your questions about selling a story are here! How much money do people really get for selling a story to the press, tabloids, broadsheets, magazines, and television. And what are the pitfalls of selling your story to the media? Contact Alison for…

Sell my story: Your questions answered

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Before you do anything, read my insider’s guide to selling your true story … THE TRUTH

As your press and agent I ensure a personalised tailor-made service for you. Selling your story through means you can leave all the hard work to me. Furthermore, I can choose the best place for your story. I will approach several women’s magazines and national newspapers to get the best deal for your story. I can also sell your story to multiple publications, even abroad, maximising the amount you earn for your story.

selling stories to magazinesI regularly sell stories to the press – both magazines and newspapers –  such as CloserBest, That’s Life, Woman, Take a Break, More, Real People, Reveal, Bella, The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Daily Mirror, Sunday People, Love it!, Chat and many more. Some interviewees also go on to appear on TV in documentaries, real-life chat shows such as Good Morning Britain or programmes such as ITV This Morning. See Recent Stories and Sell your story for Charity to see how others did it.


Why shouldn't I sell my story directly to a magazine or newspaper?

sell story

Quite simply, selling your story yourself to the press yourself is unlikely to gain you the best deal. You could end up underselling your story. Or you could price yourself out of a deal. Worst, you could even end up signing a contract with a publication that loses you money.

Selling a story to the media is a highly specialised business. It involves knowing the right people in magazines and newspapers, the type of stories they like and how much they are willing to pay for them.

Will I have to sign a contract?

signing a newspaper contractWhen you sell your story through, I will confirm in an email how much you will be paid and where your story will appear.

Virtually all magazines and newspapers will want you to sign a contract to say you’ve agreed they can print your story and they’ve agreed to pay you a set amount. This is generally good practice because it means you have everything in writing and ensures you are paid. But there are pitfalls.

Contracts from national newspapers and women’s magazines can look deceptively simple. But it’s extremely important to take independent and unbiased advice before signing anything.

If you are currently considering a contract or offer from a women’s magazine or national newspaper, you can still email me and I will go over all your options again and check it for you before you sign.

It is important not to sign anything you are unsure about because then you will be legally tied to that women’s magazine or newspaper and extracting yourself from it may involve costs to you.

I've already been approached by several women's magazines/national newspapers to sell my story.

Email me and I will ring you straight back. We will go through all your options together and decide the best way forward. I can then represent your best interests and negotiate on your behalf. Again, never be rushed into a decision or into signing anything before taking independent and unbiased advice.

So, I've decided to sell my story. What happens now?

Firstly go to the Sell My Story page or email me with some brief details. If you sell your story through, it is a simple process, which will take little of your time. If your real-life story does have potential, I will discuss fully all the options with you and tell you which newspapers and magazines may be most interested. Once I have a firm commission for your story, I will then do a full interview (either by phone or personal visit and always at your convenience) and you may be photographed. I will write your feature, reading it back to you for your approval before it is sent to the publication. To find out more about the ‘selling my story’ process go to How it works or Sell a Story.

How much money will you sell my story for?

money for your story

How much you receive for selling your story depends on on how strong your story is, how topical it is and how many publications are interested in buying your story.

I will be able to tell you straightaway how strong your story is. Whether your story makes a few paragraphs or a front-page exclusive, I will negotiate to get you the best deal. This is achieved by offering your story to numerous publications to find out which editor will offer the best price. I also run a follow-up service to check you have received your payment.

You can find a price list here that will give you a rough idea of how much money you might earn from selling your story.

Do I have to pay you anything?

No. No commission is taken out of your fee. My service, which includes all advice before your feature is sold, and after it appears, comes completely free. I get paid by the women’s magazine or national newspaper for writing the feature. It’s also in our interests you are completely happy with your story so you are happy for us to sell your story to lots of newspapers, magazines and TV!

How soon will I be paid after selling a story?

Featureworld believes interviewees should not wait to be paid. If you sell your story to a newspaper you will usually be paid directly into your bank account within 72 hours of your story being published. The same applies to magazines. If a payment is likely to take longer – and some magazines insist on paying you themselves via a cheque in the post – I will tell you. This way you always know when to expect your payment.

What if I don't have a great story to sell?

I don’t only sell stories for people. I also take on commissions from newspapers and magazines and then I’m often looking for people to be in them. Sometimes I am simply searching for single parents or big families or people who enjoyed an unusual holiday. So, it’s worth going to the Casting Directory and registering with a few brief details about yourself. Then, I will contact you if I have something suitable. If you decide to contribute to the feature, you will still be paid as above. To see if you have a story to sell, browse our Stories Wanted page.

Can I be anonymous?

sell anonymous story

Most magazines and newspapers will not pay much for real-life stories from people who want to remain anonymous.

However, there are times when legally publications cannot use someone’s real name. I will be happy to discuss all the options with you.

Can I ask for some advice and take time to think about it?

Thinking of selling a story

Selling your story should be a satisfying experience and you should never be rushed into a decision.

Chats where we initially discuss selling your story, which women’s magazine or national newspaper might buy it and how much you may sell your story for are confidential and you may need time to consider what I’ve said or speak to your family before coming to a decision.

You will never be ‘interviewed’ straight away – I always arrange a convenient time to ring you back.

Can I sell my story to promote a charity, business or my novel?

Yes, it’s easy to forget that for many people selling their story isn’t just about getting the most money for it. Many people find sharing their story with readers is an excellent way to help others or generally gain publicity for their charity or cause. See the stories for charity page to read about people who’ve done just that.

press sell storyYou may have been through a real-life experience that has inspired you to write a fiction or non-fiction novel. If this is you go to the Sell my Novel page, How to get a book deal page or email me details about the experience that inspired your writing. If your real-life story is printed, you will be paid and we may be able to publicise your novel in the copy.

We are experts at againing publicity for your business! To read more selling your story to promote your business go to our Public Relations page.

Do you abide by a code of Practice?

Featureworld is run by Alison Smith-Squire, who holds the NCTJ (National Council for the Training of Journalists) certificate.

Featureworld abides by and is regulated by the Editor’s Code of Practice set out by IPSO, the Independent Press Standards Organisation which governs professional journalists, newspapers and magazines.. Click here to read the Editor’s Code.

Member of NAPA

Member of NAPA

Featureworld is also an accredited member of the National Association of Press Agencies (NAPA) and a member of the Federation of Small Businesses.

However, as well as this, Featureworld voluntarily holds its own further ethical policies when it comes to selling your story to magazines, newspapers and television.  Featureworld is a family-run business and our ethos is to sell stories for individuals as we would want them sold if it involved one of our own family.


We regret we do not permit any advertising on Featureworld. However, we publish our own very successful and very popular online magazine. – the Magazine receives thousands of visits a week and has a number of advertising and promotion opportunities available.  As well as traditional advertising slots, it also runs a listings Directory for individuals and businesses wishing to raise their profile.

Go to to find out more.

Who will write my story?

Some publicity agents will sell your story for you, leaving you to talk directly to other journalists on the newspaper or magazine. But I write all my own stories so you will never have to speak to anyone else.

Can you sell my story without my permission?

No – when you have agreed to sell your story and I have found you a deal, I will put it in writing in a legal contract. This also confirms your payment. You will then be required to write back to give me permission to go ahead. I will need your written consent each time your story is sold. If after an initial chat about selling your story, you decide not to go ahead, that’s the end of it.

I am aged under 16. Can I sell my story without my parents knowing?

No – I will need your parent’s consent before interviewing you and I will also need their consent before you are photographed.

How can I become a journalist?

There are many different types of journalism. A good starting place for print journalism is or for broadcasting

How do I link my website to Featureworld?

Please email me for details.

Who is Alison Smith-Squire?

Read about Alison here.

I want to sell my story but why do I need to send photos to you?

Good photos can mean the difference between selling your story and not being able to sell your story.

sell-my-photo-Photos illustrate your story. Some publications no longer send a photographer to take photos of interviewees but rely on interviewees to provide their own photos. And naturally they will want to see the photos exist before they buy your story. Even when newspapers and magazines do send their own photographer, your own photos (known in the trade as ‘collects’) are often vitally important. They further illustrate your story. Also seeing the smiley person (you!) behind the story can also make an editor keener on it! You own these ‘collect’ photos, They are never published without your written consent.

Read more about selling a photo here: Sell My Photo

Can I choose the magazine or paper you sell my story to?

UK newspapers, magazines and mediaIf you have a particularly good story that many publications want to buy, then this is possible.

But it might be after some discussion we decide to sell your story to another publication – perhaps one you haven’t even thought of. This might be because from experience I know that newspaper or magazine will be keener on your story and might offer you more money for it. I always discuss with you the publication we might sell your story to and I suggest you buy a copy of the paper or magazine to ensure you are happy with it before agreeing to a deal. Find out more, Which magazine or newspaper should I choose?

Can my story be printed without a publication paying me?

No. Not if you go through Featureworld, which has binding contracts with publications. And your payment will always be confirmed in a legal contract to you.


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