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Story to sell worldwide?

Featureworld works in collaboration with interviewees and photographers to syndicate their stories safely to newspapers, magazines and TV throughout the world.

We currently sell real-life, news and quirky stories to:


Want to buy a Featureworld story?

Selling stories around the world for youIf you are an editor working for a foreign publication or broadcaster and you see a story on this website that interests you contact us to see if it would be available using the inquiry form to the right of this page, marking it Syndication Enquiry.

Featureworld specialises in syndicating bespoke copy and photos around to newspapers, magazines and broadcasters around the world.

Many of my real-life stories are available as words and photos syndication package ready for you to publish in your magazine or newspaper or online.

    • Rights, licensing and copyright issues taken care of.
    • See before you buy. Photos and copy taster can be previewed so you can ensure the story is right for you.
    • Permission is always gained from interviewees in writing before a story is sold to you.
    • Full history of previous sales available on request – meaning you can check if the story you wish to purchase has already appeared in a rival publication.
    • Swift service. Many stories – words and photos – can be provided instantly ensuring you can meet any deadline.

See the recent stories available for syndication here.

Featureworld stories are only sold under the following terms and conditions: Click here to read them.

Interviewee looking for world-wide coverage?

I regularly syndicate stories to newspapers, magazines and TV abroad. If you are an interviewee looking for worldwide coverage for your story, please mention it when we market your story. ALL interviewees receive fees as usual from sales abroad, paid directly into your bank account, which can greatly increase your long-term earnings from selling a story – and such worldwide publicity can help enormously in any marketing campaign.

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Note: I am only able to sell my own vetted Featureworld stories abroad. Featureworld does not sell stories for other journalists, agents or publications.