Getting press coverage for free …

  • Ensure your business is connected on social media
  • Promote the real life story behind you and your business
  • Invite your local paper for a behind the scenes look at what you do
  • Identify an amazing fact about your business and send out a simple press release
  • Offer your services as a specialist commentator

How to get free publicity

When most businesses think about how to get free publicity, they imagine it will be impossible. Often because gaining publicity means employing an expensive PR company. But gaining press coverage in a national magazine, newspaper or on TV needn’t cost you a penny.

Here, we reveal how to get free publicity in magazines, newspapers and even on television…

Sell your story

Is there an incredible story about you? Selling your story to a newspaper or magazine can be a great way to get free publicity and promote your business at the same time. Perhaps your business came about after a personal tragedy? Or maybe you started it as a hobby and it’s turned into an incredible success. It might be you are running a quirky company, have amazing offices or are selling a unique product. Selling your own real life story can be a good way of getting free publicity and editorial coverage in a magazine and a newspaper.

Sell a client’s story

Another way to gain free publicity is by promoting a story about a client or customer. If as a personal trainer you managed to turn someone’s life around, the story about them losing half their body weight can earn them some money and you some recognition. The unusual wedding you planned for a couple, the couple you match made on your dating website, the person you flew across the world for an interview – anything out of the ordinary can make a great spread in a paper or mag.  You might worry about asking a client – but they can only say no! Just ensure you have their permission and they are fully on board before you steam ahead!

Become an expert

Journalists are often looking for experts to quote. For example, if we are writing a story about relationships, we will often call on a counsellor to give a different perspective, if your speciality is baking then you’re in a unique position to comment on food trends. If you belong to a professional trade body then you might be able to register with their press office as someone they can pass to the press for a comment. Another idea is to have a press page on your website. State that you are happy to speak with the press and give contact details. Just ensure you are available. Journalists are often on tight deadlines and ringing the day after their inquiry is likely to be too late…

Do your own PR

 Look out for media trends, which you can capitalise on. For example if you are a jeweller and Valentine’s Day is coming up, you could write a press release on what your most popular rings are. Is it traditional or does modern design lead the way? If you have a baby boutique what is your best selling item? Have any celebrity babies influenced parents who shop with you? You can send a press release for free to any publication of your choice by simply picking up the phone, ringing them and asking who you should send your news item to. You don’t have to write an incredibly clever press release – if the journalist thinks it sounds interesting, they’re sure to ring you for more info. So just be sure to put those contact details on.

How to get free publicity and press by using our services…

 Whether you have a real life story to sell, or an idea for a story that will also promote your business, we are happy to give you free advice. Because we earn our fees from writing the story, we do not need to charge businesses – so you gain free publicity. If we think there is something about your business that could make a story in a national newspaper, women’s magazine or on TV then we will be able to tell you straightaway.

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