How to Promote yourself and become famous!

How to be famous

There are many reasons why you might want to promote yourself.

Perhaps you need to gain publicity for a business, or your book, awareness for a charity … or maybe you simply want to become famous and earn money

Whatever your reasons, here’s our quick guide to getting started…

Sell your story!

Obviously! And we believe most people, if they think about it, do have a story to sell. You might have lost weight and reinvented yourself after having children, maybe you and your husband met in an unusual way or perhaps you and your mum disagree over how you bring up your kids? Real life stories – our lives and how we live them – are the life blood of all newspapers and magazines. And getting yourself out there is the first step to promoting you! To find out if you have a story to sell to a magazine or want to see your story published in a newspaper, simply fill out the form to the right and we will tell you…

Get a blog

Writing a blog takes commitment – after all you must write regularly on it if it’s to be successful – but a blog can put you on the path to stardom. For example, one mum moved to the country and her blog about how much she hated it was picked up by a major publisher and turned into a book. Others have turned their online blogs into cookery websites or review sites for books. Blogs have also become mini businesses for some people – if you gain a big following you might make money by putting adverts on your blog. But at the very least you will be connecting with a world of other bloggers. You can get a free blog here:

Embrace social media

Twitter and Facebook are all ways of getting you out there – and reaching out beyond your usual circle of family and friends. Follow those people who have similar interests to you and connect it with your blog.

Write that book

You’ll never know if you can write a book unless you try! Even an online diary about your every day life can be fascinating to read – if it’s written in the right way. Find out more: How to get a book deal.

Go on a TV show

Got a great business idea? Then, why not try it on Dragon’s Den. Single? Then why not see if you can find love on a dating show? Think you’re good at cooking? You could try Masterchef or even Come Dine with me. Think you can sing? Why not consider the latest X Factor auditions… Find out more about getting on a TV show here: TV shows

Look for opportunities

Things don’t just happen to people – you must actually go out and look for ways to promote yourself. The website has lots of great opportunities. Or have a look on our website here: Casting Opportunities.

Make a YouTube video

You don’t have to make a viral video to become famous – many people have become famous by setting up something novel via YouTube. There was the girl who demonstrated the different types of make up to cover spots, another girl who reviewed different cosmetics on YouTube and the latest craze for girls who make themselves look like dolls on videos.  Even a ‘How to’ video (how to use a certain type of mobile phone or correctly poach an egg) can be helpful to others and gain thousands of hits. And don’t forget you can even have your own channel on YouTube – gain followers and make money from adverts on your films. You can also sell your video to the media!

Win a World Record

There are dozens of unusual world records that make people famous – having the longest nails, the longest hair or even joining in a group to win a record. For example, the most people to squeeze into a car – some ‘records’ are really quite unusual!

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