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Britain’s tallest teen girl, Jessica Pardoe, appears on the front cover and over two pages of CHAT magazine…

Jessica Pardoe, 19, 6ft 9″, answers reader’s questions in weekly real-life Chat mag! Chat magazine asked their readers on Facebook what questions they had for Jessica…

Sell my Story to Chat mag

They included asking if she gets bullied over her height (no!) does she wear high heels (not often) and what’s the most annoying thing about being so tall (not being able to wear very many clothes from the High St).

Jessica first came to Featureworld almost two years ago after she’d been spotted at a music festival and her photo of this amazingly tall person went viral on Facebook.

I did some research and discovered she is Britain’s tallest teen – it seems, as well, she is the tallest woman in the UK.

Since then Jessica’s story has appeared in the Sunday Mirror, Daily Mail, Daily Star and several magazines, including some modelling for Reveal magazine. She has also done filming via Featureworld for TV abroad – she recently flew to Russia.

Jessica’s story looks fab in Chat magazine and Featureworld looks forward to following her story and finding her more great deals in future!

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