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Considering selling a story to a newspaper, magazine or TV?  Have a look on this page at a selection of the real-life stories sold in 2012 – for the vast majority of interviewees their journey to sell a story began when they contacted us … and here are the results!

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Read some of our recent real-life stories below…

My battle to survive a brain tumour – story in French mag C’est Dit…

Laura Hymas' emotional story about her battle to survive a brain tumourMum Laura Hymas’ emotional story about her battle to survive a brain tumour has already appeared in the DAILY MIRROR and BELLA mag.

But at Featureworld we don’t only sell stories to UK magazines, newspapers and TV. After stories have been printed in publications here, we often sell them abroad.  And here’s Laura’s story in French mag C’est Dit ..

Read Laura’s story in English in the Daily Mirror here: Laura’s story

How we sell your story abroad

I had a double mastectomy at 23 – story in REVEAL magazine …

Danielle Shorten

Danielle Shorten was just 23 when she discovered she carried the BRCA1 gene, which meant she had an 85% chance of developing breast cancer. She’d been tested because her mum had been diagnosed with breast cancer and although she was now fine, Danielle’s grandmother had died from it. Having both breasts removed sounds drastic but for Danielle it was a relief. At the same time she had a breast reconstruction and can look forward to a future without the worry of breast cancer. Her story appeared in REVEAL following the revelation that singer Michelle Heaton also carried a cancer gene and has also made the heart-wrenching decision to undergo a double mastectomy.

Danielle said: “The article was really well written and I want to pass on my thanks. I hope it helps other women facing the same dilemma.” 

Read Danielle’s story here: Double mastectomy at just 23


Mum chose my peeping Tom stepdad over me – story in CLOSER mag, THE SUN ON SUNDAY and ITV This Morning …

Bethany Buckle - Mum chose my peeping Tom stepdad over me

It is every woman’s nightmare to discover someone has been spying on them. This is what happened to Bethany Buckle when she found some unusual movies on the family computer and to her horror they were of her getting undressed. She then found out her stepdad had placed pinhead cameras in her bedroom. Worse was to come when she ended up falling out with her mum and moving out of home. Michael Connor pleaded guilty to voyeurism and Bethany bravely decided to tell her story. Accompanied by boyfriend Ryan, Bethany’s story appeared in CLOSER magazine.

Bethany’s story was then placed with THE SUN and are she also went on ITV THIS MORNING to talk about her ordeal.

Bethany says: “I wanted to get my story out there and I was delighted with the accurate articles in Closer the The Sun newspaper.”

Read Bethany’s story 


Transgender mum Carla Lamprey appears in THE SUN, ITV THIS MORNING and BEST magazine …

Transgender mum Carla Lamprey

Transgender mum Carla Lamprey – who used to be a dad – first approached us to sell her story to THE SUN. And now we are delighted that we’ve been able to place her story on top TV show ITV THIS MORNING. Carla went on the show with son Conor and daughter Charlie (who was too shy to sit on the sofa with Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield) accompanied them. They enjoyed an all expenses paid trip from their home in Devon and were treated like VIPs for the day – as all Featureworld interviewees are treated when they go on television!

Carla said: “It was fantastic being on telly. We even did the tourist thing, going on the London Eye. So pleased we found you Alison. Thanks so much!”

Carla’s amazing story about how when her marriage to the children’s mum broke up, she swapped sex going from dad to mum,  is now set to be featured in a glossy women’s weekly magazine!

Read Carla’s incredible story as it appeared in THE SUN newspaper.


Behind the scenes of an American-style UK beauty pageant… story in the SUNDAY MIRROR newspaper and REVEAL magazine …


We went behind the scenes to a photoshoot for upcoming child beauty pageant Miss Mini Princess UK. There we met mum Claire and her gorgeous little girl, Aloka-Romaine. Aloka, 15 months, was pictured in a long wig, fake tan and make up for her photo. And we also met lots of other little girls and their parents who have been picked as finalists for this controversial pageant due to take place next month. Critics claim such pageants make children grow up too soon and could even damage their confidence. Yet, mums and organisers insist they are harmless fun – with the children keen to dress up and wear make up for the day. The organisers of Miss Mini Princess UK are up front and have nothing to hide. They say they know such pageants are controversial but the demand from parents has been amazing and their day was great fun!

After meeting Claire, we discussed doing more features and she has since gone on to do further publicity! Her story recently appeared via Featureworld in REVEAL magazine.

She said: “I know it is controversial but Aloka-Romaine loves dressing up and as long as she is happy I intend to carry on!”

Our report went into the SUNDAY MIRROR newspaper. You can read it here.


Jimmy Savile molested me when I was 14 … story on ITV THIS MORNING and BELLA magazine …

Deborah Cogger -Jimmy Savile molested me when I was 14

After her story appeared on the front page of THE SUN newspaper, Deborah Cogger contacted Featureworld to help with the many requests she was receiving for further publicity. Deborah was just 14 when she says she was indecently assaulted by Jimmy Savile. We were able to advise Deborah of all the pros and cons of the various media offers she was receiving. As a result, we placed her story on ITV THIS MORNING and her story will shortly be appearing over two pages of a top women’s weekly magazine…

Deborah says: “When my story appeared on the front page, I didn’t know where to turn – but luckily I found Alison! It’s a relief not to have to deal with all the media attention by myself and know there is a professional to turn to.”


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Fifty Shades of Grey gave us a longed for baby! Story in the SUNDAY PEOPLE newspaper…

Tammy Colcombe and husband Stephen

After spending thousands of pounds on IVF treatment to have a much-wanted sibling for son Samuel (who was also conceived via IVF) Tammy Colcombe and husband Stephen had given up hope of having another baby. But after reading the bestselling erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey Tammy decided to inject some fun into their sexlife – after all for all of their 13 year marriage having sex to order to have a baby had dominated. But they were amazed and thrilled when having recreated some of the sexy scenes from the raunchy book to find they had conceived naturally! Their baby girl is now due in January, which they believe is down to the book. We placed their story in the SUNDAY PEOPLE and are now busy sorting out further deals for the couple.

Tammy said: “We were so pleased with the story in the paper. It read well and looked fab! We can’t thank you enough.”

Read Tammy and Stephen’s story in the Sunday People


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Our £28,000 twins from an Indian ‘baby farm’ have brought us so much joy – story in THE SUN newspaper, ITV THIS MORNING and NEW! magazine …

Joanne and Chris McDuff

Joanne and Chris McDuff have adorable twins using a surrogacy clinic in India. The couple, who had tried fertility treatment and adoption, wanted to sell a story to raise money to launch their new foundation to help another couple have a child as they have. Their story was unusual and controversial. Because commercial surrogacy is illegal in the UK, they paid one woman in India to donate her eggs. These were fertilised with Chris’ sperm and resulting embryos were implanted in another Indian woman who acted as a surrogate. But despite a rollercoaster journey – their twin son and daughter were born prematurely – they have no regrets.  Their story went over two pages in the paper and we then gained them a deal with ITV THIS MORNING. We are now negotiating further deals for the couple.


Read the McDuff’s emotional story

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I’ll never have a baby in case it becomes an alcoholic like me – story in the DAILY MAIL and REVEAL mag …

Clare Newton

Clare Newton came to Featureworld because she wanted to raise awareness of alcoholism and to give hope to anyone who’s affected that you can come through it. But despite being dry for the past few years, Clare, who is about to marry, has made a life changing decision – she has decided not to have children. This is because her parents and grandparents all had drink problems and she is convinced that being an alcoholic could be hereditary. It seems Clare could be right as there is research to show alcoholism does follow in families and could be genetic. Certainly, it is an interesting subject and one that was discussed in this piece in the Daily Mail.

Clare said: “I was delighted with my story in the paper. I think it looks great, thanks for all your support, help and hard work.”


We have now gained Clare further coverage with a national women’s magazine.

Read Clare’s story here.


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More deals for Malissa Jones… story in the Daily Mirror, Best and Chat magazines …

Malissa Jones

Since Malissa Jones emailed Featureworld in 2008 we have literally sold her story tens and tens of times – and not just in the UK but all over the world. Malissa’s story has been followed by millions as she was once dubbed Britain’s fattest teen and then almost died from anorexia. But now Malissa has married Chris, who helped her to recover, and the romantic story of their wedding recently appeared over two pages of the Daily Mirror.

Malissa’s story has now been sold to TWO more magazines in the UK and we are negotiating further foreign rights deals for her story!


Read Malissa’s story in the Daily Mirror

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We are delighted that our Featureworld interviewees Ruth Hughes, Margaret Bradley and Rachel Evans were able to highlight the relatively unknown reality of mid-life anorexia by appearing in The Daily Mail’s Femail section this week. Margaret explains how she was a healthy size and weight at aged 54, but became obsessed with dieting after only wanting to ‘shed a few pounds’ over the Christmas period, succumbing to the grip of anorexia. Rachel, 42, gave birth to a stillborn baby in her early 30s and coped with the tragedy by not eating – eventually leading to anorexia. Ruth, 49, describes how her dieting began after seeing an unflattering photo of herself. She lost 3st in three months and had reached her goal weight – but she still hated her tummy and continued to diet at an alarming rate and was diagnosed with anorexia…

Ruth has already appeared in WOMAN mag so we were delighted to gain her another deal!


Read Ruth, Margaret and Rachel’s story here.

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Elizabeth Earle

We are delighted to have gained Elizabeth Earle awareness of her sleep disorder AND at the same time promoted her new novel Tartarus. Elizabeth’s story about how she suffers from sleep paralysis episodes – dubbed Old Hag Syndrome – was placed in the Good Health section of the Daily Mail newspaper, giving her huge publicity. At the same time we are further championing Elizabeth’s book Tartarus with a whole page on our own popular online ezine Sell Your Story UK.


Read Elizabeth Earle’s story here.

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Natasha Dodds We love a happy story at Featureworld! And although Natasha Dodds was devastated when her best friend Sasha ran off with her son, Nicky, 18, when they had a baby together, the three made up. Sasha, 40 and son Nicky, now 20, are now planning to wed while Natasha is a proud grandmum to their son Carlton and even helps out with babysitting. We placed their story with the SUNDAY MIRROR and the family also appeared on ITV’s THIS MORNING! It has since appeared in BELLA mag and their story has now recently appeared in REAL PEOPLEmag …


Read Natasha and Sasha’s story here

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Internet fraudster conned me out of £120,000… Story in Take A Break magazine, ITV This Morning, Daily Mirror and Daily Mail…

Alison Peters - Internet fraudster conned me out of £120,000

While selling a story couldn’t help Alison Peters gain the £120,000 she lost to an internet scammer, we were able to help her gain some justice by selling her real life tale toTAKE A BREAK magazine where it was trailed on the FRONT PAGE. We then gained her further publicity by placing her story in theDAILY MIRRORMAILONLINE and ITV THIS MORNING. Alison came to us after falling for a man called Steve on the internet. Unfortunately it was to lead her to not only lose her husband but also her home… and she is now living in a caravan. But Alison hopes telling her story will raise awareness of the dangers of meeting someone online, however genuine they may seem… 


Read Alison’s story here.

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I fell 100ft from a balcony and survived! Story in the Sunday People, Daily Mail and ITV Daybreak…

Abigail Barragry fell over 100ft from an apartment balcony

Abigail Barragry fell over 100ft from an apartment balcony in Kualar Lumpur where she was working – but incredibly she survived. And after many operations and months in hospital recovering, she met James. Abigail wanted to tell her story to inspire others that however bleak life may seem, there is always hope. Going through this nightmare has had the unexpected bonus that she appreciates life more than ever. We sold Abigail’s story to the Sunday People – where it appeared on the FRONT PAGE and the Daily Mail. Abigail, her mum and boyfriend also travelled to London to appear on ITV Daybreak.

After seeing her story in the newspaper, Abigail said: “It’s super, so well written, can’t believe it’s front page!”

Click here to read Abigail’s story

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Did a gastric op starve my baby?

Malissa jones - Did a gastric op starve my baby?

Our story  in THAT’S LIFE Summer Special magazine June 2012… Malissa jones was once Britain’s fattest teen. But after having a gastric bypass she believed her problems were over. However when she got pregnant, she continued to lose weight and became anorexic. Tragically Malissa’s baby son, Harry was stillborn. We have been following Malissa’s story since 2009 when she came to Featureworld to tell her bypass story. Her real life story has since appeared in multiple newspapers including the DAILY MAIL, DAILY STAR, DAILY MIRROR. It has also appeared in CLOSER and in publications and TV worldwide. Malissa has also featured on ITV THIS MORNING. We continue to sell Malissa’s story and it recently appeared again in CLOSER mag.

 Click here to read more about Malissa Jones

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I shed 20st with a gastric op – now I’m paying £10K for my teen to have the same surgery…

Anna Furniss and daughter Emily

Anna Furniss and daughter Emily’s story went over two pages of THE SUN newspaper.  Mum Anna lost 20st after having a weight loss operation and for Emily”s 18th birthday she plans to pay £10K so Emily can have the same op.

Anna and Emily’s story also appeared inCLOSER mag.

Anna said: “I liked the way the story in The Sun was written and just hope Alison and Jon can find us some more places to tell our story…! 

Read the story in The Sun

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Starving myself while pregnant almost killed my baby…

Katy Bassett

Katy Bassett’s real life story of how she suffered from the eating disorder anorexia while she was pregnant appeared over two pages in the DAILY MIRROR newspaper.

As agents for Katy, we are delighted her story was also recently sold to JAPAN and FRANCE. This has enabled Katy to raise maximum awareness for the condition.

Read Katy’s story in the Daily Mirror

Katy says: “I can’t believe how many times Alison has sold my story for me!” 

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Is this Britain’s youngest Beauty pageant entrant?

Eleanor June Rees-Sutherland

At 23 months old, Eleanor June Rees-Sutherland already adores wearing make up and having her tiny fingernails painted. Now proud mum Robyn has entered her daughter into the MISS MINI PRINCESS UK contest.

But dad Andrew isn’t so sure it’s a good idea to enter Eleanor June into a beauty pageant. He is worried wearing make up could harm Eleanor June’s young skin and is also concerned it is encouraging her to grow up too fast.

Both Robyn and Andrew gave their different points of view in a double page article for the SUNDAY PEOPLEnewspaper and their story also appeared on the DAILY MAIL website. And we have now placed this story with a big women’s weekly magazine!

Robyn said: “I loved the photos of Eleanor June and was delighted with the story in the newspaper. I felt so proud of my gorgeous little girl. I know some will worry she is too young but she is such a girly girl and just loves all her mummy’s attention.”

Read the story in the Sunday People newspaper

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I had my baby on my wedding day! Story in the Sunday Mirror, Daily Mail and Take a Break…
Danielle Clewlow

Danielle Clewlow filled in the sell my story form to tell us how she’d not only just got married, but she also gave birth to her second son on the same day.

Fortunately, Danielle – who was in labour throughout getting ready and the ceremony – managed to say her vows to husband Aaron before rushing off to hospital before the evening reception to have Paddy, 7Ib 7oz.

The couple – along with older son Keaton, one, then managed to pop in and see their guests on their way home. Quite a day!

Their uplifting story appeared in the SUNDAY MIRROR newspaper and went on the DAILY MAIL website. And we then resold it to TAKE A BREAK mag – earning them even more money!

Read Danielle’s story in the Sunday Mirror

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Do we judge women who have boob jobs?

Do we judge women who have boob jobs?

At Featureworld, we don’t just sell stories to newspapers and magazines, we are often commissioned by editors to write them. For this feature in the DAILY MAIL Life & Style we spoke to five women who all felt judged in some way about their boob jobs.

Each woman also had a super glam all expenses paid photoshoot at the Daily Mail London offices in Kensington – complete with clothes and make up!

Rachael, pictured below with her baby daughter, said: “Thank you for giving us such a lovely day! Everyone was wonderful.”

If you would like to apply to be in similar features why not join our Casting Directory or follow us on Twitter for the latest media alerts.

Read this story in The Daily Mail Newspaper.

I’ve been a little bit iBad…

Jake Sadler iBad child

When cheeky Jake Sadler played a game on mum Gemma’s iPad she had no idea he was buying gold for his game – and she certainly didn’t realise he was buying it with her credit card.

Jake, 6, ran up a debt of almost £1,000 before Gemma realised what he was up to – thankfully she swiftly contacted the game’s owners who agreed to pay it back.

This fun story appeared in the SUNDAY MIRROR newspaper and the DAILY MAIL website.

Read this story in the Sunday Mirror Newspaper.

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Our love was not enough… story in the DAILY MAIL and TAKE A BREAK mag…

Cherry Willoughby - adoption nightmare story

Selling a story to a newspaper or magazine is not always about money. Mum Cherry Willoughby contacted us because she wanted to expose the difficulties people often faced after they adopted children.

When Cherry and her husband received the photo below of the two adorable little girls they were about to adopt, they had no idea of the nightmare to come – and no idea that such little help would come from social workers to help them with their difficulties.

Cherry’s heartbreaking story of how despite giving her girls a wonderful and loving childhood they have both ended up in prison, appeared over two pages of the DAILY MAIL newspaper.

Afterwards we received a number of emails from other people who’d read the story and had been through the same situation and we were able to put them in contact with Cherry.

Cherry said: “I can’t thank you enough for getting this story out there. Thank you so much Alison. You did an amazing job writing my story.”

Cherry’s story has since appeared over two pages in TAKE A BREAK mag and is set to appear in a further magazine soon.

Read Cherry’s story in the Daily Mail

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Would you let your daughter enter a beauty pageant?

We spoke to the parents of four little girls who are all going into US-style beauty pageant Miss Mini Princess UK – and their stories appeared in the DAILY MAIL newspaper and DAILY STAR.

Although the contest follows the style of the controversial US TV show, Toddlers & Tiaras, the mums told Featureworld they were looking forward to dressing their daughters up as little princesses for the day.

However, we also spoke to critics who believed such contests sexualise little girls and encouraged them to grow up too fast.

Needless to say, the story gained lots of comments and debate …

Read this story in the Daily Mail.

Here’s one of the contestants whose mums we spoke to – Adele, 5.

Adele Jones -  aged 5 - Mini Miss Princess

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We’re the biggest Albino family in the World…

Ghulam Ali- We're the biggest Albino family in the World...

We were amazed stunned by the sell my story enquiry from Ghulam Ali, who claimed he was one of the biggest Albino families in the Britain…

Ghulam and many of his family – who are Muslims – have all inherited the condition, which causes white skin, white hair and makes seeing in bright light difficult.

Incredibly Ghulam comes from a 16-strong family of Albinos who all live within a few miles of one another.  We did some research and we discovered they were probably the biggest Albino family in the world.

We placed their exclusive story with THE SUN newspaper and later in the week Ghulam, his parents, two sisters and a brother all went on ITV THIS MORNING where they discussed their extraordinary story.

Ghulam, with some of his family below, said: “We were delighted with the story in The Sun newspaper and going on This Morning was a great, once in a lifetime experience.”

The family are currently in talks with documentary makers and The Guinness Book of Records.

Read Ghulam’s story in The Sun newspaper.

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Facebook is ‘heartless’ to deny me access to my dead daughter’s page

Louise Palmer with daughter Becky

“I don’t want to sell my story – it’s not about money – I just want people to sit up and take notice,” said mum Louise Palmer when she contacted us.

When Louise’s daughter, Becky, was diagnosed with a brain tumour and couldn’t speak or write more than a few sentences, she used to log into Facebook to read messages left by friends.

And when Becky lost her battle to live, Louise continued to log in to the page because reading her daughter’s old messages gave her comfort. At the same time she would remove spam.

But Louise contacted us after she went to log into the account to find she was denied access. Under Facebook policy, the page had been memorialised. Although it was there for confirmed friends to see and leave messages in remembrance, due to privacy reasons no-one could log in.

Louise felt the Facebook policy was unfair. She and Becky had no secrets from one another (she is a confirmed friend) and she felt desperate that she could no longer read messages behind the Wall or remove spam.

We placed Louise’s story in the SUNDAY MIRROR and the DAILY MAIL website. Her story also went into Louise’s local newspaper and Louise gave several interviews to local radio and television.

At the same time we put Louise in contact with a number of other families we found campaigning in the States for Facebook to change its memorialisation policy of deceased owner’s accounts.

Louise says: “Thanks to Featureworld, I will always feel that whatever happens I did the very best I could to get this policy changed and I still hope I will be able to gain access to Becky’s Facebook page.”

Read Louise’s Facebook story here >

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Pregorexia almost killed me

Katy Bassett - Pregorexia almost killed meKaty Bassett’s story had already appeared in two women’s weekly magazines when we agreed to help her raise awareness of this issue with some further publicity.

Katy had suffered from anorexia in her teens but when she married James, she believed she was fully recovered. However, when she got pregnant the anorexia returned with a vengeance and shockingly Katy began to lose weight.

She was finally admitted to hospital where she begged doctors to keep her in feeding her on a drip – she says she could not trust herself to eat.

Thankfully baby Evan was born healthily and is now a bouncing toddler.

After specialise treatment, Katy is also a healthy weight and the family are enjoying life again.

We placed Katy’s story with ITV DAYBREAK where she appeared with Dr Hilary Jones. It also appeared on theDAILY MAIL website. Since then Katy’s real life story has been sold to the DAILY MIRROR newspaper and to France and Japan.

Katy said: “Although my story had already appeared in Closer and Pick me Up magazines it was good to get the story out to an even wider audience. I hope that talking about this so openly has helped other women who’ve had a similar experience.”

Read Katy’s story here >

Our little girl has Down’s Syndrome – but now she’s a model…

Hayley Goleniowski with down syndrome daughter Natalia

When Hayley Goleniowski sent us photos of her gorgeous little girl, Natalia, aged five, we were bowled over by how beautiful she is.

And in fact Hayley has extra reason to feel very proud of her special daughter – because Natalia was born with Down’s Syndrome.

But now Natty, as she is known to family and friends, has become a model. Clothes companies are queuing up to use Natty, who loves being photographed, in photo shoots.

We placed Natty’s story in THE SUN newspaper. It then appeared in BELLA magazine and on the DAILY MAIL website.

The family have sinced appeared on ITV DAYBREAK  and we have also put them in touch with a documentary maker.

Hayley says: “We have been delighted with the publicity. Alison read all our copy back to us to ensure all the stories were accurate. She also told us exactly how it would be and it has all gone to plan – it’s been a wonderful experience.”

Read the family’s story as it appeared on the DAILY MAIL website >

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One Family’s £5million debt… story in the DAILY MAIL

Charles and Iona Cole and family - £5 million debt story

People don’t always ‘sell a story’ for money – quite often they have other reasons for wanting their story to be in a newspaper, magazine or on TV.

Charles and Iona Cole contacted me because they believed they were being treated badly by the banks.

Once life for the Coles was great. They lived in a £2.25 million Manor House within 414 acres and rented out 84 buy to let houses. Meanwhile, their four children all went to public schools.

But when school fees rose and they needed to raise some extra cash, Charles made a disastrous investment.

He took out a £3.3million loan against the Manor House and his buy to let business.  Then he invested the money on what appeared to be a promising property development opportunity in Romania.

But the promised building in Romania never materialised and now, with interest added to the loan, it stands at almost £5million.

The bank now wants its loan to be repaid – if the Coles cannot repay the loan the bank has told them it will repossess not only their beloved family home but also their business.

Charles said: “Alison wrote our story and it appeared exactly as she said it would. We have been shocked by the bank’s callous attitude to us – we are pursuing a legal case for compensation and feel they should give us more time before repossessing our family home.

“ We were amazed it was so huge in the paper and the enormous response to it but we are glad to get the story out into the public domain and we hope this way we might get to the bottom of where the money went to.”

Their story went over two pages in the Daily Mail and the family also appeared on ITV’s Daybreak.

Read it here>

Dare I love my husband’s best friend?… Story in TAKE A BREAK magazine.

Jackie Dyer - loves dead husbands best friend

Jackie Dyer was married for 23 years when during a night out her husband Ron went to break up a fight and was himself attacked.

Doctors believed he might die but although he pulled through, he was left with brain damage – paralysed down one side of his face.

Jackie became Ron’s full-time carer but the Ron she’d known was no longer there and she wept as she realised her marriage was over.

At the same time she became more reliant on Bernard. Bernard was Ron’s best friend and he was always there to help Jackie care for him.

Gradually the two fell for one another – but there was one problem. Bernard was married.

Eventually though they couldn’t keep their love secret any longer and Bernard left his wife moving in with Jackie and Ron. The three even went on holiday together and Ron adored Bernard.

Sadly complications from the original assault led to Ron’s health deteriorating and he died. But fortunately Bernard and Jackie were able to grieve together and finally wed.

Jackie wanted to sell her story to help promote her book. In the Blink of an Eye was credited in the magazine and is available from

Jackie’s story is now due to appear in another magazine and a national newspaper.

Featureworld interviewees go on television…

ITV This Morning’s Fatima Whitbread is helping Featureworld interviewee Dwain Smith – whose story appeared in Closer magazine – to lose weight.

Dwain, 20, had his hopes of a gastric bypass dashed because, due to funding, his NHS Trust no longer does gastric ops.

But as well as a magazine deal, Featureworld put Dwain forward for a weightloss programme with ITV.

Dwain says: “Selling my story to a magazine was amazing but appearing on national television has been incredible. “

Dwain Smith on ITV's This Morning

Dwain on  ITV’s “This Morning


ITV Daybreak was the destination for mum Gill Fletcher, a former alcoholic. Featureworld originally gained a deal with Bella magazine for Gill to talk about how she overcame her binge drinking. Then through Featureworld she appeared in the Daily Mail, The Sun and now national television.

Gill says: “Going on TV was fantastic. One of the highlights was meeting Dr Hilary Jones, who was very supportive and with whom I got on really well.  It was a once in a lifetime experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Gill Fletcher, a former alcoholic on ITV Daybreak

Gill on ITV Daybreak