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Read some of our recent real life stories below…


TWO CHILDREN WHOSE PARENTS BOTH DIED JUST DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMASAfter their parents died in an horrific helicopter crash on their wedding day, Ella, 2, and Scott, 5, were taken in by their selfless aunt, Lorraine and her husband, Stuart.

Lorraine, who already had two sons with Stuart, told the heart-warming story of her battle to rebuild their shattered lives and ultimately to become one family, to the Daily Mail and it went over more than two pages. In fact, Her emotional story was one of the best read over the Christmas 2008 period and attracted over 100 comments on the website from well-wishers all over the world.

Lorraine’s story has also been sold to Woman magazine. To read her story in the newspaper click here.



When divorced mum of two Dawn Green was given three months to live, she planned her own funeral and organised the holiday of a lifetime to Disneyland with her daughters.

But just before she was due to go, Dawn, 32, looked up her one in a million cancer and discovered a cure…

Dawn wanted to sell her incredible story and, unsurprisingly, several publications were very keen to print it. Her story finally appeared in TheSunday Mirror, Best, and Reveal magazines. She also went on to feature onITV’s This Morning.

Dawn told me: ‘I have to thank you for all your hard work and making this such a wonderful experience.’

Adoption can be so tough…

adoption can be so tough

Clair and her adoptive mum Wendy’s real life story of how adoption can be so tough was one of the best-read real life stories when it appeared in the Daily MailRead it here >

Their emotional and personal stories – how Wendy was so thrilled when she adopted Clair and yet Clair always longed for her ‘real’ mum – have also been sold to BestBella and ITV’s This Morning as well as The Sun.

Says Clair: ‘When I decided to sell my story to Featureworld I wasn’t even sure selling my story was possible, let alone that Alison

would manage to sell it to so many newspapers and magazines. Mum (Wendy) and I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole selling our story experience.’

adoption can be so tough

I am constantly rung by newspapers and magazines asking, ‘do you have any new true-life emotional reads for us?’ So if you want to sell a real life story – and it is an emotional one! – then I am the media agent and writer to sell your story for you …  please send me your personal real life story to

Eyelash tint did this to me!

Kristina Brown - Eyelash tint accident

When teenager Kristina Brown had her eyelashes and eyebrows tinted, she was horrified to wake up the next day, her eyes swelled up like tennis balls.

Thankfully, Kristina’s eyes have now recovered. Her story was sold to the Sunday Mirror and Reveal magazine.


The Truth about Heather Mills

Heather Mills and Inna Barrat

Robin Barratt and his Russian wife Inna were thrilled when Heather Mills, then wife of Sir Paul McCartney, agreed to help them buy mum Maria new legs.

The UK couple had vowed to help Russian-born Maria – who lost both her legs in a train. But Heather never did anything and the couple were left to buy Maria’s legs themselves.

Robin and Inna’s story appeared in the News of the World.


Maria Rubkina meets Heather Mills (Photo courtesy Robin Barratt) >

I found skeletons under my dining room floor…

skeletons under my dining room floor

The woman who found fifteen (at last count..!) skeletons under her dining room whilst digging a basement extension at her cottage. Read Mum Catherine’s spooky story here, which unsurprisingly created a lot of interest when appeared in the Daily Mail.

Read it here >

It also appeared in the Daily MirrorChannel 5 and ITN news. Catherine’s story has already been sold to a magazine which will be printing a update on the tally of bodies discovered – she tells me the numbers could climb to 40! Catherine initially wanted some ‘cuttings’ to put in her basement when it was finished – I think Featureworld has certainly achieved that!

AND … The big news for 2008 is repackaging – why sell your story to one newspaper or magazine – or even two – when Featureworld can sell your story to three publications or more…?

A few 2008 real life, showbiz and news stories that have benefited from repackaging by Featureworld …

I left my husband for his best man …

Karen Mears - I left my husband for his best man

Karen Mears’ story about how she left her husband for the best man appeared over THREE pages in Real People magazine and then in a double page in Woman’s Own. In this case Karen’s money wasn’t only doubled – it was tripled.

Because, as well as the magazines, Karen’s story also went into The Daily Mail over THREE pages. Read it here > 

Addicted to sunbeds…

Aimee Broberg - addicted to sunbeds

Teenage tanorexic Aimee Broberg’s story about her sunbed addiction has also been sold to Look magazine, and Chatmagazine but also appeared in the Sunday Mirror.


X Factor Leon’s story appeared at the New Year – in theSunday Mirror, Sunday Express, Daily Star Sunday and the Daily Mirror.


And an update on Elaine Jewitt’s  story –  she has since married Stewart and their wedding was featured in Closer and Pick me Up …! Elaine’s story has also appeared in the Daily Mirror.

Read more about Elaine’s experience here: I sold my story for MORE THAN £4000!


Two double page spreads in different national newspapers…

Midwife Catherine Hales story about having a baby in every decade appeared in double page spreads in the Daily Mail and the Sunday People.

I was Forced to Marry my Cousin

I was Forced to Marry my Cousin

Khaleda’s story about how she was forced to marry her cousin, then escaped an honour killing  was in double page spreads in both The Sunday Mirror and the Daily Mail.

Read it here >

Some Other Stories Published in the 2008 Press

  • Hospital car park fee scandal Zara Blackwell (Daily Mail)
  • Christmas ruined our marriage Jo Redhead (Daily Mail)
  • Christmas Orphans (Daily Mail:) read: (Also in Woman mag )
  • Victim of loan shark Debra Hicks (Daily Mail, also on ITV’s This Morning)
  • Spanish Credit crunch Barrie and Jan Waterfall (Daily Mail)
  • We lost weight for our baby (Sunday Mirror) 
  • Modern Women have more lovers (Daily Mail) read:
  • My ex hit me (Love it mag)
  • I went to the US … and came back with a baby! (Now! Mag)
  • My post nuptial depression (Daily Mail: read: (Also in Now! Mag)
  • I have 300 brothers and sisters (Daily Mail Weekend mag) read: (also in Now! mag)
  • Diary of a repossession (Daily Mail:) read:
  • Dying mum found own cancer cure on the Internet (Sunday Mirror)  (Also in Best and Reveal mags,and ITV This Morning)
  • Dying mother’s last Christmas (Bella mag)
  • My husband left me when I was pregnant (Now! Mag)
  • I take 70 painkillers a day (Daily Mirror) (Also on ITV’s This Morning)
  • You have a son … and can we have a body part? (Mail on Sunday EXCLUSIVE) read: (BBC World, Jeremy Vine show, ITV This Morning)
  • Anorexic Peter Pan who has never grown up (Now! Mag)
  • I was a gangster girl (Daily Mirror) (Also  Channel 5 News )
  • Our lives are like a soap (Woman’s Own)
  • Why would clinics give an 18-year old Botox (Daily Mail) read:
  • Saved by her sibling (Daily Mail) read:
  • My abortion left me infertile (Bella)
  • I donated a kidney to my wife and saved her (Daily Mirror) 
  • Unborn baby’s kick saved my life when I had a stroke (Sunday People)  (also in Reveal)
  • Teen boy has a boob job (The Sun)
  • The Expat fed up with Spain (Daily Mail) read:
  • Is co-sleeping with your kids a good idea? (Daily Mail)
  • The STD epidemic sweeping Britain (Daily Mail)
  • I refused an abortion for my disabled baby (Daily Mirror) 
  • The obesity timebomb sweeping Britain (Daily Mail)
  • One stepmum confesses; I’m jealous of my husband’s first family (Daily Mail) read:
  • Our relationship survived two affairs (The Sun; Now! Mag)
  • I was date raped (The Sun)
  • Affairs by Text and MSN (The Sun)
  • We’ve had our baby but we’re still suing because he’s not all ours (Daily Mail) read:
  • The couple suing because their unborn baby isn’t genetically theirs (Daily Mail) read:
  • The Angel faced daughter who broke my heart (Daily Mail) read: (Also in Bella, Best, The Sun, This Morning, ITV)
  • Can you ever get over an abortion? (Daily Mail) read:
  • I traced my real mum (The Sun)
  • I rejected my Downs Syndrome baby (Daily Mail read: (Also in Bella)
  • Paige, Child of Courage, driven from home (Sunday Mirror) (Also in Take a Break)
  • I killed to escape Iraqi insurgents (News of the World )
  • Period pains were a surprise baby! (More mag, and sold worldwide)
  • Are the childless treated like second-class citizens? (Daily Mail) read: (Also in This Morning, ITV, Richard and Judy)
  • I was a mistress like Sienna Miller (Daily Mail) 
  • My husband came back unrecognisable from Iraq (The Mirror) (Also in Bella mag: This Morning, ITV.)
  • We want to be like Jordan (Daily Mail)
  • Is there an adultery gene? (Daily Mail) read:
  • Losing my baby gave me the strength to set up my business (Full House)
  • I left my husband to marry my teenage sweetheart (The Mirror)
  • My husband gambled away £200,000 (Mail on Sunday)
  • To others I’m a mum of two – but I have a secret third child (Bella)
  • Truth about lap-dancing clubs (Daily Mail)
  • Leaving Jehovah’s Witness family saved my life (Full House)
  • I want to freeze my eggs – but my husband doesn’t want me to (The Sunread:
  • My disastrous gastric band surgery (New)
  • How we keep a perfect size ten (The Sunread:
  • Our His and Hers gastric surgery (Real People)
  • My three abortions (Look)
  • My perfect lover turned into a rapist (Real People)
  • We saw UFOs (Daily Mailread: 
  • I was a binge drinker (Now!)
  • I’ve had my rapist’s baby (Real People)
  • Danger of the Emo cult (Daily Mail)
  • The babies born before the abortion limit (Daily Mailread:
  • I traced my birth mum – but she didn’t want me (Bella)
  • Tummy tuck cured my bum tum (Woman’s Own)
  • The teens addicted to the internet (Daily Mail)
  • When should widows remarry? (Woman’s Own)
  • My SEVEN abortions (Now!)
  • My Fed-Ex baby (Now!)
  • Childless women (The Sun) read:
  • Stalker was my best friend’s husband: (Bella, Daily Mailread:
  • The Sculptor’s Muse (Daily Mailread:
  • Too Fat for Sex (Sunday Mirror, Reveal)
  • My baby by a sperm donor (Daily Mirror)
  • Locked up in a Turkish Jail: (Daily MirrorNowPick me Up)
  • The Valentine’s Day divorcees (Daily Mailread:
  • Menopause was a bonny baby (News of the World, Real People mag) read:
  • Always the bridesmaid, never the bride (Daily Mirror)
  • Are you a helicopter mum? (Daily Mailread:
  • My affair with a married man (Bella)
  • Size Zero to Size 14 (Daily Mirror)
  • My Father was a sperm donor (Daily Mailread: