‘I have a story to sell’ – but you don’t know how to sell it?

I have a story to sell.

Can’t afford to pay for an agent to represent you selling a story?

Media agents and publicists are not just for celebrities! Featureworld is a service especially tailored for the ordinary person who does not have thousands of pounds to spend on PR and legal advice.

Featureworld’s service is totally free so it won’t cost you a penny – plus you will be getting the advice of an agent and writer who is bylined in all the papers and magazines you read…

If you have a story to sell, but are baffled about the best way to go about selling it, you are not alone. Almost 100 per cent of people who contact Featureworld with a story to sell have never spoken to a journalist before, let alone negotiated a deal to sell a story to a newspaper, magazine or TV.

If you have a story to sell, here’s some free advice about selling your story to a newspaper, magazine or TV. Unless you want to give your story away for free, be quoted without your consent or find yourself going ahead with a story you’re not sure you want to do, or find it sold all over the world without your consent, never go directly to a national newspaper, magazine, TV or even your local paper…

Be aware too, if you have a story to sell, about going to a big news agency where you might be fobbed off with an inexperienced junior reporter, speak with a different person every time you call, or find your story is sent out en masse to newspapers along with dozens of others!

Advice if you have a story to sell to the media…

At Featureworld I offer a bespoke service for the ordinary person with a story to sell to a magazine, newspaper or TV. I specialise in helping people who have never sold a story to the press before. What’s more, everything at Featureworld is totally confidential. If after speaking with me – and listening to my free advice – you decide selling your story is not for you after all, that’s the end of it.

Free service. No fees.

Meanwhile if you go ahead I will discuss your story to sell with you, looking at which newspapers and magazines your story should be sold to. This maximises your earnings and publicity. Most of all, you are in control of selling your story. I am able to offer this service at no cost to the interviewee and with no commission taken out of your earnings – because I write your story and earn my money that way – and negotiate the interviewee’s fee separately with the publication I sell your story to.

I write for all the UK press but you can see here my byline on tens of stories on the Daily Mail website.

I want your story to sell (and for you to to happy enough for me to sell it around the world!) because if it doesn’t I’m not paid either…

If you have a story to sell, my service includes:

* Full and confidential appraisal of your story, including advice as to which newspapers, magazines and TV programmes might be interested in your story.

* Frank and honest assessment of how much money you might earn from selling your story.

* Legal advice. I will be able to tell you if potentially there are any legal pitfalls with your story that might prevent it from selling or being printed. I will often do background research myself prior to approaching editors if it makes your story more saleable. I can also discuss your story in confidence with the legal departments of publications to put your mind at ease.

* Dealing with Journalists. If you are being contacted by journalists from national newspapers you can refer them to Featureworld. This ensures your privacy is paramount and always respected.

* Marketing of your story. I am expert at making your story appeal to a wide range of editors. I often sell stories that other press agencies and journalists have been unable to sell – simply because I know how to present you and your story in the best light.

* Sorting out any photos needed with your story. Advising you on the best photos to illustrate your story and make it more likely to sell.

* Full support before you sell your story and following publication. I will tell you of any pitfalls and what to expect.

* Dealing with all contracts on your behalf, ensuring your story is always read back to you for your full approval.

* Ensuring you are paid. All interviewees selling their story via Featureworld to a newspaper or television are paid in full within three to seven days of publication or broadcast – directly into their bank account.

The majority of interviewees selling a story to a magazine are also paid within this time, although a few magazines pay interviewees within six weeks (I will always advise you of this before you go ahead.) You keep the full fee promised in your written agreement with nothing taken out of it.

* All deals are put in writing and everyone selling a story via Featureworld is given a full FAQ leaflet on selling their story and next steps.

* Multiple deals gained. With your consent I can sell your story all over the world, while at the same time giving you a personalised service so often lacking with bigger agencies.

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