How to sell your video clips to Mail Online, Sun Online,  newspapers, magazines and TV

  • Keep your video exclusive – don’t upload to social media
  • Don’t share your video with friends
  • To retain copyright, don’t approach websites and papers directly
  • Use an agent who can sell your video to multiple websites
  • Get all deals in writing

“How do I sell my video footage to the Daily Mail or The Sun?”

Video or film footage to sell to Mail Online or Sun Online?  Newspapers, magazines and TV will pay top fees for your video and DVDs… but watch out! Selling your video to Mail Online, Sun Online and many other websites directly may automatically mean you lose all rights to your video.

When you submit your video to news websites such as Mail Online or Sun Online you will be expected to tick a box saying you agree to their terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions mean you will be transferring your copyright to them. They, and not you, will be able to sell your video to other publications, websites and TV, meaning you do not make any more money.

Selling your video footage terms and conditions even means they can sell your footage abroad and in years to come…

Selling your video via Featureworld is the safest way to get your video onto a top newspaper website. Your video will be sent to a variety of newspapers and magazines and TV to ensure the top price. In addition as a writer I will be able to add the professional commentary your video needs to make it the most saleable. And of course YOU and not the publication will always retain copyright and all rights to your video. As with selling a story, I will need your written consent prior to selling your video every time.

“Sell my video and change my life…”

How to sell your video safely so YOU own it and make the most money…

* Newspapers pay the most money for exclusive video clips. So for example don’t upload your clip of your amazing survival of a sinking ship to social media such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Once you do that, your video is already in the public domain and can be used by newspaper websites for free.

* Pornographic videos or videos where visitors must sign they are over 18 are rarely saleable to family newspapers – even the tabloids!

* Selling your video does not always mean you will need to be publicly identified. Many videos – for example if you are selling a citizen journalism clip – can be sold anonymously.

* If you want to sell your video to a newspaper or magazine, the editor will have to view it first! And so will I! How much money your video is worth depends on how quirky it is, how clear it is and how exclusive it is… this means viewing the video before an offer is made.

* Selling the video via Featureworld means your video can be sold to multiple outlets but you always retain control over which newspapers, websites and TV stations it is shown on.

How to make your YouTube video go viral overnight!

Sell my video

Charlie bit my finger!

When Dad Howard Davies-Carr uploaded a video clip of his two little sons, he had no idea it was to be the beginning of a £100,000 business. His little video, Charlie bit my finger, went viral and has now been viewed thousands of millions of times. Howard now makes money from the advertising revenue that YouTube runs around it.

It might be your video is already on YouTube and gaining thousands of views. You might even have your own video channel. But you want more views and getting your video posted on a national newspaper website FIRST is the best way to ensure your video goes viral…

Citizen journalism

Maybe you were at a concert and the stage collapsed or on a plane, which makes an emergency landing.  Perhaps you were standing in the crowd when a celebrity or member of the royal family made an unusual remark and you caught that remark on your phone footage. If you have taken video footage on your phone of an event that turns into something newsworthy, then you might have video footage you can sell.

A quirky family pet

Does your dog do an unusual trick, does your cat squeeze into tiny spaces?  If you have wacky video of your pet then you could sell your story to the national press.

Crime footage

Did you film your nextdoor neighbour stealing your home-grown vegetables from your garden, did your video of an abusive carer lead to them being convicted of a crime? High prices can be paid for videos that lead to a crime being solved.

Ghostly goings on

Taken some footage and later noticed a strange spirit in the background? If you have recordings of ghostly goings on then you might have a story to sell.

The ordinary can be extraordinary

The monkeys at the zoo which almost turn over a car, your child saying something unusual, your wedding where the whole congregation suddenly breaks into a dance, a video of your first baby’s year – anything which touches the hearts of others, makes people laugh or think Wow is almost certainly a video to share with others…

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