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Sell story to TV

Every day we receive a request from someone wanting to get onto TV or to get an interview with a radio station…

Why sell your story to TV or radio?

However well your story is reported in a newspaper or magazine, going on TV gives you the chance to speak for yourself and explain things in your own way. TV is a different medium – some people never buy a newspaper or magazine but they watch TV or listen to the radio instead. So getting your story printing in publications is one way of getting your story out there – and another way is to sell your story to TV and radio.

Selling your real life story

After their story appears in a newspaper or magazine, many of our interviewees are spotted by programmes such as ITV’s This Morning who ask us if they would like to go on the show.  Although TV chat shows might feature people whose stories have not previously appeared before, they often prefer to feature people who’ve recently appeared in the press. This is because having read the story in a newspaper or magazine, people will often tune in to see the interviewee speak for themselves.  Often we can arrange for people to appear on TV within days of their story appearing in a newspaper or magazine. So one of the quickest ways to get featured on TV is to sell your story!

Appearing in a documentary

Many people whose story is published in a magazine or newspaper also get asked to appear in a documentary.  Again, many TV Production companies also regularly ask us if we have anyone in mind when they are putting a documentary together. So we regularly match interviewees with TV companies who are looking for real life stories. Sometimes this might just involve an interviewee appearing with others on a show. Other times TV producers will be looking to do a whole hour’s TV on an interviewee.

We regularly post requests from TV producers on our TV board so even if you don’t sell a story, if you see something that interests you, you can apply directly for free and sell your story to TV that way.  See all requests on our TV board: Get on TV

Appearing in an entertainment show

Taking part in Come Dine with Me, appearing on a quiz show or showing off your skills on Masterchef. The way to get onto these shows is to google your favourite programme and see if they are looking for contestants. The various channels each run their own pages where you can apply directly to go on a shows or get yourself on their mailing list for tickets:

BBC Shows:

Channel 4:


Getting onto local TV and radio

If you are running a fund-raising event that isn’t a national story don’t forget your local TV and radio can give you excellent coverage. In this case, they are best contacted directly. Quite often we are also able to place peoples’ stories with local radio and TV – great if you want to get your story out there. Bear in mind if you plan to ‘sell’ your story to TV that local companies often have very small budgets.

What appearing on TV involves

If you decide to sell your story to TV, you might be asked into the studio. This is often a once in a lifetime experience and we always find people enjoy it. In this case it might involve an all-expenses trip to the studio. Other times a TV crew will come to your home. They bring everything, including backdrops, so you don’t have to fret about tidying up – and they are used to working in someone’s small front room.

Payments from TV

As with magazines and newspapers, payments vary from show to show and channel to channel. If you sell your story to TV via Featureworld we can always advise you on whether the TV programme you are going on will pay and if so how much money. We also ensure you are always paid.

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