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This is how to sell your story:

Sell Your Story - free advice

  • ✔ Fill in the sell your story form
  • ✔ If I can sell your story I will contact you
  • ✔ We will discuss which publication to sell your story to
  • ✔ I will speak with editors to find the best deal for your story
  • ✔ Your deal will be put in writing
  • ✔ I will write your story
  • ✔ Your story is published and you are paid.

How it works – read more …

Read my step by step guide about the process of selling your story to magazines, getting your story published in newspapers and appearing on TV…

1.  Advising you – can I sell your story?

You fill in the sell your story form to the right>>> with a few details about your story.

If I feel your story has potential and I can sell your story I will ring or email you for some more details.

We will have a confidential discussion about how much money you might earn from selling your story and which magazine or newspaper we might sell your story to.

At this point you might decide you want to sell your story straightaway or you might want time to think more about selling your story before going ahead.

2. Going ahead

Once you confirm you want to go ahead and definitely want to sell your story, I will ask you to email me a photo of yourself and any other photos that might make your story more attractive to editors. These are used to market your story for sale and not for publication unless I find you a deal you are happy with and you give your written consent to go ahead. If at any point you decide you don’t want to sell your story after all, then all you need to do is let me know.

 4. Selling your story – Marketing your story

To sell your story to magazines, newspapers or television, I will send out a short synopsis describing what your story is about to editors.

4. The Sale – How much money for selling your story?

I will come back with offers for your story.  We will discuss how much money and which magazine or newspaper we should sell your story to. If you are happy to go ahead, I will confirm your deal in writing for you to formally accept.

5. Your interview

  • Sell your story I will do your interview. Due to the fact that newspapers and magazines usually want copy in very fast, this is likely to take place on the phone. Or we might arrange to meet.

6. You approve your story

  • I will read your story back line by line to ensure you are happy with it.
  • I will sort out any other questions the editor has about your story plus do any other research.

7. Your photoshoot

Sometimes magazines or newspapers will only use your own photos you sell with your story. Otherwise the picture desk on the publication will ring you to discuss a convenient time for your photos– or in some cases I will arrange for a photographer to visit you.

Occasionally you might go on an all expenses paid trip to a studio! However, usually photographers come to you. Sometimes they are accompanied by a stylist, with hair and make up artist – even clothes! You don’t need to worry about tidying your house (they all bring backdrops and lights.) But many enjoy a chat and a cup of tea…

8. Your story is printed!

The big day has arrived. Your story is finally printed in the magazine or newspaper. You are likely to go out and get lots of copies!

9. You are paid for selling your story

Payment is made to you by cheque to your address or directly into your bank account within seven days of your story being printed. Interviewees receive 100 per cent of their fees. This is because as a bylined writer I am paid separately by the publication for writing your story.

10. You sell your story to another magazine or newspaper…

After selling your story the first time, I will be able to sell your story to a further publication (if you wish) – this way your fees can really add up. So you can sell your story to another newspaper, or sell your story to a magazine. Some interviewees also appear on TV!  Featureworld can even sell your story on again to newspapers and magazines abroad. You are then paid each time your story appears again.

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