“People often said I should sell my story… so I did!”

Magazines want your story!

Magazines want your story!






Make 2018 YOUR year…

Want to really change your life this year? Why not sell a story to a magazine, a newspaper, TV – or all three!

Sell your story - New Year's resolution

Will 2018 be YOUR best year yet?

Magazines are always on the look out for inspirational and amazing real life stories – and they will pay good money for them!

Newspapers love a wonderful story about your world, your child, your pet. Or maybe you simply want to expose a love rat? Contact me for FREE advice…!


Did your man cheat on you?

Magazines such as Take a Break, Closer, Reveal, Woman, That’s Life – and many more – will pay ££££s for your true story about your love-rat!

Maybe you discovered he was cheating on you through gossip, Facebook or even something suspicious on his mobile phone…

sell adultery story

Need to set the record straight?

Did he beg you to take him back? Did you forgive him or chuck him out for good? Let me know!

Use the form to the right of this page >>> and see if your story can earn you money from a magazine!

Fabulous and inspirational weightloss stories wanted!

I am also currently on the hunt for great weightloss stories with fab story behind them for slots in newspapers and magazines. Great fees and multiple deals on offer! So if you have lost lots of weight or if getting slimmer has changed your life (your job, your relationship) then get in touch… 

APPLY: Contact me with some brief details – including your age, job, marital status, and a photo of yourself to:  Sell My Story.

More stories wanted!

Browse our list of the stories wanted by editors. To apply for any of the features below, simply fill in the quick enquiry form to the right or if you are a journalist and would like to put a request on this page, email me some brief details.

NEW! Sell your story AGAIN! Has your story already been in a newspaper or magazine? If your true story has been printed before and you would like to earn more money, then we are experts at selling stories in multiple deals. Simply email us using the contact form on the right hand side. Don’t forget to tell us which magazine or newspaper your story appeared in!

  • YOUR HEALTH STORIES: Have you been through an unusual operation, health scare or illness? Or perhaps you’ve used alternative therapy?
  • MIRACLE BABIES AND CHILDREN: Did you struggle to have your family? Or has your child or baby battled against the odds?
  • TWINS, TRIPLETS, QUADS OR MORE: Given birth to multiples or maybe you are one of triplets yourself?
  • WOMEN WHO LEFT THEIR HUSBANDS FOR A BETTER LIFE. Was it the best thing you ever did or are you living to regret it?
  • COSMETIC SURGERY: The best thing you ever did or a disaster?
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Got a great video that’s going viral, been bullied on Facebook – you might be able to sell your story…
  • Food addiction. Do you live on chocolate alone – maybe you spend thousands on fizzy drinks.
    Food addict stories are popular!

    Food addict stories are popular!

  • Unusual job? I’d love to know more…
  • Have you survived an accident? How did it change your life?
  • Do you have an unusual relationship? For example, are you much older or younger than your partner?
  • Have you spoken to a deceased loved one using a psychic? Was it comforting or a frightening experience? Let me know.
  • Have you been a victim of crime? What happened and how has it affected you?
  • Has your partner had an affair? Did you leave them or did you forgive and forget?
  • Have you or your partner racked up debt? How has it affected your relationship?
  • Have you lost weight? How did you do it? Or has it all gone back on again…?
  • Do you have a phobia? How does it affect your life or have you found a way to cope with it?
  • Had a holiday from hell? A nightmarish experience abroad or on a plane or boat? Contact me about it.
  • Wedding stories? Have you had an unusual wedding? Did something happen on your wedding day that you could sell to a magazine or newspaper?
  • Adoption and fostering. Adoption gone wrong? Have you fostered tens of children? Perhaps you would like to give advice to others…
  • Cancer. Have you survived cancer or have you been diagnosed with a terminal illness? Make a difference and tell your story for others.
  • Sex change. Have you had a sex change? Has it caused problems? is it the best thing you ever did?
  • Quirky stories. Building a submarine in your garden? Do you have the biggest collection of gnomes? Newspapers and magazines LOVE unusual stories…
  • Pet Stories: Do you own the world’s biggest mouse? Do you spend thousands on your cat? We want to hear about it!
  • Relationship stories: Made peace with your mother in law? Fallen out with your partner over how to bring up the kids? Women’s magazines adore debating those issues we all care about…
  • Children: How do you bring your kids up? Pushy and proud or do you leave them to their own devices? If you have a point to make, why not make it in a newspaper or magazine?
  • Achievements: Dyslexic and written a book? Training for the Olympics? Celebrate success with an article in a magazine or newspaper.
  • Get even: Did you take revenge on a cheating love rat?

See how much money selling your true story through could be worth.

Selling a story through Featureworld:

  • Skilled writer and interviewer, covering…
  • Delicate stories.
  • In-depth, stories a speciality.
  • Relationships – unusual partners, divorce, affairs, betrayal, adultery, revenge.
  • Health issues. Health stories. Cancer, family health. Illness.
  • Weight loss. Diet stories. Slimming.
  • Pets. Animal stories.
  • Crime. Investigative journalism. Exclusive stories.
  • Mum & baby. Pregnancy stories. Parents’ concerns.
  • Charity promotion. Consumer. Unusual lifestyles.
  • Quirky stories. Heart-warming. Tear-jerkers. Emotional stories. Life-changing.
  • Psychological issues – grief and loss, drugs, alcohol, depression. Recovery.
  • Addictions, obsessions, trauma.

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