Short story submissions to magazines – a guide

Rarely a week goes by when I don’t receive an enquiry from someone asking how to submit their own story to a magazine.

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Featureworld specialises in selling real-life stories to magazines. So if your short story has been inspired by a true experience or your life story, then do make your magazine story submission using the form to the right of this page >>> I am happy to read your short true story to see if it is suitable for publication in a women’s magazine.

Featureworld does not sell fiction stories to magazines.

However, if you have written a short fiction story for a magazine, then follow these tips and scroll down for a list of magazines to make your story magazine submission to…

Submission tips: Success selling a short story to a magazine is increased by:

* Reading and studying the magazine you hope to make your submission to. Do not try to sell your short crime story to a website publishing romantic novellas. Your story should be written in the same style as the stories they are currently publishing.

* Follow their submission guidelines to the letter. For example, they might stipulate they only consider submissions where the stories are over a certain number of words. Some magazines are closed for submissions for some months of the year. Others stipulate a waiting time of months – there is no point in contacting them earlier than their stated consideration times!

* Check where to send your story. For example there might be a particular person to submit your story to. Submissions might need to be made online, or by post or by email in a certain format. Failure to make your submission properly might mean your short story is not considered for publication at all.

* If you hope to be paid for your short story submission, check how much before going ahead. Be aware some payments can be very small. Not all short story websites or magazines do pay for short fiction stories. Check when and how you will be paid prior to submitting your story.

* Look out for writing competitions. They can be a good way to gain feedback on your writing.

* Prepare yourself for disappointment. Rejection is a part of a writer’s life and when it happens to you – which it will – simply submit your story to the next site or magazine.

* Consider publishing your short fiction stories online on your own website and tweeting them yourself to gain a following.

Some online and print magazines that will accept short fiction story submissions:

Woman’s Weekly

The People’s Friend


Yours magazine

Yours magazine


Vagabondage Press

Bunbury Magazine

East of the Web short stories

Granta magazine

The Literateur


Open Pen

The Pygmy Giant

Writer’s Hub

Carillon Mag

Crystal Magazine


RipTide journal

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More information here: Real life story to sell to a newspaper or TV

Please note, while everyone listed is a bona fide short story magazine, this is not an exhaustive list and Featureworld cannot be responsible for outside websites.

* Featureworld is not able to give any advice about getting published with any of the above companies.