Got a story to sell? But wondering which newspaper or magazine to sell your story to?

Story to sell? Do you choose a magazine or a newspaper? Here we look at the options…

Story to sell to a newspaper

Story to sellThe main advantage of selling your story to a national newspaper is that they have large circulations. Your story is also likely to be read by both men and women and a wide range of people of differing ages. Newspaper websites also tend to be read by a huge range of people – often millions worldwide. So if you want to gain awareness and publicity then putting your story in a newspaper will achieve that.

Story to sell to a magazine

Many people with a story to sell feel comfortable selling a story to women’s magazine. They might have read a similar real-life story in a magazine and that might have given them the idea of selling a story in the first place. Most women’s magazines do not usually have such high circulations as newspapers so placing your story in a magazine will not gain you so much exposure, which some people prefer.


Although national newspapers, especially the tabloid press, will pay the highest price for a much sought-after exclusive story, it’s not always the case that you will gain the most money for your story from a newspaper. Magazines will also pay a lot for a story they feel will particularly interest their readers. Gaining the most coverage does not always go hand in hand with gaining the most payment. A very high circulation paper might pay a lot but only use the story as just half a page. Meanwhile a lower circulation paper might not be able to pay so much but use the story over two pages – these are all things you need to consider when choosing where to sell your story.

Which magazine or newspaper?

Many people make the assumption that all magazines or all newspapers are the same. But every one is different. Some magazines are read by women under 35, others focus on issues for women over 50. Meanwhile, different newspapers run different campaigns and have differing political views – it might be your story therefore fits one publication better than another.

Selling your story directly to your favourite publication

You might think if you have a story to sell, that selling a story directly to your favourite magazine or newspaper is the best way. But it might be your story could gain better coverage or a better payment with another publication. The problem with selling your story directly yourself is you will never know what someone else might have offered for it. In fact, because we sell stories to all newspaper and magazines, your favourite magazine or newspaper will always be offered your story anyway. And because we always tell interviewees which publications are interested in your story, ultimately who to sell your story to will be your choice. It’s worth mentioning that sometimes despite approaching several editors, only one offer is received for your story. At least though you know that is the best one as it is the only one…

How we can help

Every story is unique and therefore every story needs a different approach. Taking into consideration an interviewee’s wishes, we market stories accordingly. At the same time we always aim to gain multiple deals for interviewees. This means a story might appear in one or more newspapers and one or more magazines (as well as TV).  This way stories don’t only gain the widest audience but because interviewees are paid every time they are printed or broadcast, they also gain the highest fees.

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