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Selling a story via Featureworld is the safest way to get your story into a newspaper, magazine or on TV.

* By filling in a form on this website, emailing or contacting Featureworld by phone, you are not agreeing to sell your story.

* All conversations between Featureworld and any potential interviewee are strictly confidential. If after speaking with us, you decide not to go any further then we respect this. We need your consent in writing before approaching any editor to sell your story.

* Featureworld respects your privacy. Therefore your details are never passed to any third party without your expressed written consent.

* All deals are put in writing for you to sign before you go ahead.

* Featureworld is unable to accept any unsolicited post or material, such as books, that are posted to us and we are unable to return any even if you enclose an SAE.

* Before contacting Featureworld we invite you to read about the sell my story policies below, which explains how we sell your story safely…

* Featureworld is regulated by the Editor’s Code as set out by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). In addition Featureworld abides by Ethical journalism – our policy for responsible journalism.

* Sell my story package:  more about how Featureworld sells your story safely.

* Please understand it is not always possible to sell a story and our decision to turn stories down is final.

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Contact Featureworld by post:

Featureworld Ltd: 238a London Road, St Albans AL1 1JQ

Please note as an online press agency, priority is given to those who approach Featureworld via a sell my story form or email.

Contact Featureworld by text: 07979 750616

Contact Featureworld by phone: 07979 750616 (Sell My Story Clinic gives you free advice with Alison: Midday – 2pm Monday to Friday exc bank holidays).  I am pleased to offer this free, confidential and informative service to you but before ringing Featureworld please ensure you have read the terms and conditions above on this page.

Calls may be recorded.

If you urgently need help to sell a story, the best way to contact Featureworld is via one of the forms on this page. Emails and Featureworld forms go directly to a person and are monitored 24/7, 365 days a year.

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