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Featureworld will sell your story again to a second or third magazine – and you are paid every time.

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I offer a fast track service selling your story to all the following bestselling magazines:

Real People, Take a Break, Best, Bella, Chat, Woman, Woman’s Own, Closer, Love it!, Reveal, Real, New, Now, That’s Life, Pick me Up, Bliss, Essentials as well as many glossies such as Cosmopolitan, Company and Good Housekeeping.

And many interviewees also go on to national TV such as ITV This Morning or sell a story to a national newspaper. Added to this I also sell many real life stories to magazines abroad too, earning you more money and coverage. Read about my free sell my story package with no fee to you.


Recent stories sold to magazines:

To see some people whose stories recently appeared in a women’s magazine, read on …

Best and Real People magazines

Why sell your story to just one magazine when you can appear in two? Allison Noyce’s delightful story about how she gave birth to her gorgeous baby girl after going through the menopause appeared on the cover of Best mag and then over two pages of Real People.  

Cancer was a baby

A mum at last…

Having two deals meant two lovely cuttings to show Sophie when she’s older – and two payments as well!

Getting your story into two magazines is only possible when you go through Featureworld as I am an agent who specialises in gaining you multiple deals. 

Featureworld can often arrange for your story to appear in a newspaper and on TV as well if you wish!

Take a Break and Reveal magazines…

Selling her story via Featureworld meant Joanne Coleman’s emotional story about how her husband died just seven days after their baby girl was born,  appeared in two magazines – she also appeared in the Sunday People newspaper, on ITV This Morning and on the Daily Mail website.


At Featureworld I send your story to all the magazines on the market at once and ask editors to put in their best price. This means I know for sure when we get a deal, that it is the best one. It also means – as with Joanne’s story – that you could appear in Take a Break and Reveal magazine (as well as in a newspaper and on TV if you wish.) But this sort of multiple magazine deal is only available when you sell your story via Featureworld.

Sell My Story to Take a Break magazine?

Why sell a story to one magazine, when you can sell to two? Remember, every time we sell your story to a magazine or newspaper, you are paid.  If, like Joanne, you would like your story to appear in a magazine such as Take a Break and Reveal, then contact us using the form to the right of this page >>>

Our story ALSO appeared in TWO magazines…

Ryan and Tammy Savage joined forces to jail their evil stepdad who unbeknown to them, had sexually abused each of them as children.

Sell story to Best mag

Years after the abuse, Ryan finally tracked down wicked Keith Savage on Facebook – and he is now in prison.

However, Ryan, Tammy and their mum Linda did not gain a sense of closure until their heartbreaking story was told published.

Featureworld managed to gain them front page exposure in both BEST magazine and REAL PEOPLE magazine.

Our 28-year age gap doesn’t worry us! Story in THAT’S LIFE magazine…

Magazines love relationship stories –  and they also love a story with a happy ending! As a single mum just out of a relationship, Krissie Yates didn’t think she would ever meet someone else.

Sell story to That's Life mag

But then she moved into a new flat. The post for the previous tenant, Blaine, kept on being delivered.  And when he came to pick it up the pair clicked.

Some family and friends don’t approve – because there is a 28-year age gap. But they have since had a baby. Their love story made a quirky piece in That’s Life magazine.

Read the story in That’s Life magazine.

I hate myself for destroying our family – story in BEST magazine…

Carla Lamprey story in Best magazine

Having already placed Carla Lamprey’s story in THE SUN newspaper and with ITV THIS MORNING, we are thrilled to have gained further coverage for Carla. Mum Carla – who used to be dad Paul – gives her most revealing chat about her marriage to Jane in Best mag.  And her amazing story about how she now cares for the couple’s two children, appeared on the cover and inside over two pages.

Carla says: “Myself and the children have been absolutely delighted with all the features Alison has gained for us. Everything has happened exactly as she said it would do. She has been caring and ensured we are happy with the newspaper, the TV and the magazine. If you are considering selling your story, I can highly recommend Featureworld.”

Read Carla’s story here: I was dad, now I’m mum  


I feared no-one would believe me… story in BELLA magazine.

Deborah Cogger - alleged victim of Jimmy Saville

The recent allegations against the late Sir Jimmy Savile have shocked the nation. Deborah Cogger is one woman who until recently harboured a terrible secret – when she was just 14, she claims she was one of his victims. Deborah first contacted us after her story appeared on the front page of The Sun newspaper. She suddenly found herself in the middle of a media storm and didn’t know which way to turn. Shortly after speaking with us, she appeared on ITV THIS MORNING and we were also able to place her story in BELLA.

Deborah says: “When my story came out, I suddenly received all these media requests. I didn’t know where to turn so it was a relief to find Alison!”

Read Deborah’s story


Why I can’t risk having a baby – real-life story in REVEAL magazine…

Clare Newton - story in Reveal magazine

We are thrilled for Clare Newton whose emotional story about how she won’t have a baby in case it becomes an alcoholic goes over two pages of REVEAL. Clare, a former alcoholic, whose family also suffered with drink addiction problems, believes there is a gene for alcoholism and because of that has decided it would be too selfish for her to have a baby.  Clare’s story has also appeared via Featureworld in the DAILY MAIL and we are delighted to have also managed to place her story in a magazine.

Clare says: “I was delighted to have my story printed not only in a national newspaper but also a glossy magazine.”

Read Clare’s story here.


I was born a boy – but women are jealous of my natural C-cup boobs! Story in CLOSER magazine…

Transgender Cindy Jackson - story in Closer magazine

Transgender Cindy Jackson – she used to be Richard – first came to Featureworld to sell a story two years ago! Then her dream was to appear on the cover of a glossy magazine. That dream has now come true as she appears looking fab on the cover of CLOSER.  Previously we sold her story to the Sunday Mirror and she also went on ITV This Morning.  Now Cindy, who hopes to become a glamour model and is about to undergo a full sex change, has taken female hormones and grown her own boobs. And through Featureworld, she has her first magazine cover – which we hope will be the first of many! Her story also goes over two pages inside the magazine…

Cindy said: “Seeing myself on the cover of Closer is amazing! I am so thrilled with the article and can’t wait for my sex change. After that I intend to take up modelling full time.”

See more amazing photos of Cindy here.



I’ve spent £30,000 on perfecting my face…

Daniella Ellis wanted to sell a story to raise awareness of Body Dysmorphic Disorder. This is a medical condition where perfectly attractive people wrongly believe they are ugly.

For years Daniella had hated her looks – sometimes she felt so bad, she didn’t want to venture out of the house. It led her to have £30,000 worth of surgery to her face to perfect her looks.

Eventually her condition was diagnosed by a doctor and she has since been officially diagnosed with BDD.

Daniella Ellis - Body Dysmorphic Disorder -

She is now on anti-depressants and awaiting therapy – and thankfully she is at last on the road to recovery.

We placed Daniella’s story in WOMAN magazine and THE SUN ON SUNDAY.

See Daniella’s true life cosmetic surgery story in Woman magazine.








Claire Faulkner and husband Chris contacted me to sell their story to a magazine.

Tragically mum of two Claire was recovering from breast cancer and was newly single when she met Chris.

Claire Faulkner and husband Chris - story in womans own magazine

But as she planned her wedding to Chris, she had some devastating news – the cancer had returned.

Despite this, and further treatment, the couple went ahead with their wedding. But the cancer has since spread even further and now they are in a race against time to find a cure.

The couple emailed me because they wanted to raise money to go for life-saving treatment in the US. Their emotional real life story was printed in WOMAN’S OWN magazine where it made the front cover.

story in womans own magazine


Afterwards Chris wrote: “My wife and I were both deeply moved, it really is a wonderfully touching piece. We both wanted to pass on our thanks and let you know how very grateful we are.”

Only aged 18, but my baby has Down’s Syndrome

Paris Taylor - story in Bella magazine

Paris Taylor emailed me to say, “Can you sell my story to show others that teenagers can be good mums?’

Paris was just 18 when she fell pregnant with her steady boyfriend. And, because she was so young, she considered an abortion.

But she bravely decided to have the baby. What no-one imagined was that her baby would be born with Down’s Syndrome.

It was a terrible shock and worse was to come when little Maisy-Anna suffered heart problems and had to be rushed to hospital. Nevertheless, Paris adores being a mum and wouldn’t have her life any other way.

Paris’s story was sold to BELLA magazine and has also been sold to a national newspaper.

She says: “I am so glad I made the decision to sell my story. Seeing my story in the magazine made me realise how much I had gone through. And I hope telling my story will have helped other young mums.”



Earlier in the year, I sold Malissa Jones’ true story about how she lost 20 stones to the News of the World newspaper and Reveal magazine. But when I rang Malissa to see how she was, she confessed, she was very unhappy.

Saggy skin from losing so much weight meant she hated her body.

Desperate to save enough money for cosmetic surgery, she asked me, ‘Can you sell my story to a magazine again?’

So Malissa’s new truelife story was resold to glossyCloser magazine where she appeared on theCOVER of this popular women’s weekly magazine.

With Malissa’s consent,It also appeared on the Daily Mail website, Mailonline.

Malissa says: ‘Thank you so much for selling my story yet again to Closer magazine. I was absolutely delighted with another accurate and wellwritten story.’

Malissa’s real life story has now been sold to TV and Malissa will be telling her story in an up and coming TV documentary programme.

Widowed at the age of 28 – I never thought I’d find love again…

Helen Round - Widowed at the age of 28

When Helen’s husband died suddenly she was absolutely devastated. She and her husband were expecting their first baby. Sadly, after his death she had a miscarriage.

But then what she thought was impossible happened – she met a new partner and they have now had a baby.

Helen Round had been approached by many journalists in the past about selling her story to a magazine.

She decided now was the right time to sell her story and when I approached several UK women’s magazines they all wanted to buy it!

Finally, Helen and I decided to place her moving story with Woman mag and I am now hoping to sell Helen’s story to a newspaper. Helen is happy again with a new partner

If you would like to sell your story and it’s about a delicate or emotional subject, then go to the sell my story form here.

The baby with the Minnie Mouse ears…

Smiling brightly, Lucy Sharp, 4, poses in her favourite princess dress. But to mum Adele her daughter’s beautiful looks are a miracle. For shortly after Lucy was born, she sprouted a pair of extra ‘Minnie Mouse’ ears.

Lucy Sharp - The baby with the Minnie Mouse ears…Lucy’s Extra ‘Ears’

The extra ‘ears’ were bizarre birthmarks, and Adele found herself covering them with extra hats. But then the ‘ears’ mysteriously disappeared.

Adele’s exclusive story was sold to Love it mag and as Adele also wanted to sell her story again, her truelife story was sold to the Sunday Mirror.

After her story was printed in the magazine, Adele emailed: ‘My story went into Love it magazine today. The story reads really well and I am sooo pleased! I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done. I hope the story sells again in the future!’

Lucy Sharp aged 4

And here’s Lucy today!

If you would like to sell a story about your child, then email me here …

I found love at my daughter’s funeral…

Steve Tremain - I found love at my daughter's funeral…

When Steve Tremain’s 12 year old daughter, Siobhan, suddenly died, he thought life wasn’t worth living. Then, at her funeral he met Rennatta – the mum of a friend of Siobhan’s and gradually they fell in love.


< Steve with daughter Siobhan

Amazingly, their baby son was born on the second anniversary of Siobhan’s death, turning a day that Steve always dreaded into one of joy.

Steve’s emotional story was one that many magazines wanted. However, it was finally placed over two pages in Best magazine.

The story has also appeared in the Daily Mirror.

The girl who chose not to grow up

Vikki Hensley - has been anorexic since the age of 12Vikki Hensley may be 23 but like Peter Pan she has chosen never to grow up. The science graduate has been anorexic since the age of 12 and kept her weight at a constant 5 1/2 stones so she has never reached puberty.

Vikki’s fascinating story was sold to Now mag where it went over two pages. Vikki also went on GMTV and her story also made the FRONT PAGE of the Daily Mail and was followed up by a double page spread in the Daily Mail a week later.


Meanwhile, Vikki’s story continues to be sold and she is currently in talks with TV producers with a view to taking part in a documentary.



Vikki is pictured (above) when she weighed just over 4 stones.

Today Vikki still has the body of a 12 year old girl (below)

Vikki Hensley - has been anorexic since the age of 12

After it appeared Vikki said:

‘Alison, I have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone wishing to sell their story.  

Your experience has been invaluable, and from the beginning you have guided me through the process with my best interests at heart.


Thank you for handling the selling of my story in such a professional and sensitive manner.  I’d have been swallowed up by the media world without you!!!’



I am text block. Click edit button to change this text.

My SEVEN abortions…

Angela Simmons, a mum of one had SEVEN abortions

Just why has Angela Simmons, a mum of one had SEVEN abortions? She decided to do her emotional story for Now! magazine.

Says Angela: ‘I have found doing this feature extremely therapeutic.’

Angela’s real life story was also featured in the Daily Mail.

Jumping off an 80ft building saved my life

Kathryn Littlewood - Jumping off an 80ft building saved my life

Mum Kathryn Littlewood’s dramatic story about how she got so depressed she threw herself off the top of a multistorey carpark, appeared in Pick Me Up magazine.

Kathryn’s incredible account of her battle to survive and get well for 17yearold daughter, Ella was also a doublepage spread in the Daily Mirror.

I’m like any other mum but I used to be a heroin addict

Sonia - I'm like any other mum but I used to be a heroin addict

Sonia Young’s moving story how she kicked her heroin habit to become a mum of two appeared in Bella  magazine.

Sonia emailed me to say, ‘I just wanted you to know that my story is in this issue of Bella. It is really well done. Thank you!

Sonia ‘

My disastrous love affair…

A friendship that turned into an affair sparked disaster for Lorraine, a mum of three who had been married for 21 years. For when she decided to leave her husband for her new lover, he decided to stay with his wife.

Lorraine - My disastrous love affair...

Lorraine, who had lived in with her family in a detached house, ended up alone in a rented room…

Lorraine’s story recently appeared in Bella magazine and also in theDaily Mail.

Have you experienced a disastrous love affair? If so, email me.

Identical twins who had cosmetic surgery together

Identical twins who had cosmetic surgery together

Jo and Kerry both hated their identical noses but didn’t want to look even slightly different so they both had nose jobs … and when, a few years later, they wanted a boob enlargement guess what? They went under the knife together again.

Jo and Kerrys’ fascinating feature appeared in Best mag and Sunday People supplement Take it Easy.

I’m only 28 but my lover is 60 …

Heidi Rogers - I'm only 28 but my lover is 60

Heidi Rogers, 28, was just 18 she met Mick Burns, 32 years older than she is, whilst working as a barmaid.

Aged 21, they became lovers and moved in together. But, as Heidi explained to Best and More magazines, some people are still shocked to discover her partner is 60.

Heidi’s story has also appeared in leading women’s magazines in Australia and New Zealand.

HELP! My mum’s turning into a real life Barbie Doll!

Jan Beshaw - mum's turning into a real life Barbie Doll!

Who could believe Jan Beshaw is 42 and a mum to two grownup kids?

Everyone agrees Jan looks fantastic for her age. But, when Jan lost the full use of her arm after a tummy tuck op, daughter Daisy, 21, told That’s Life magazine she felt her mum’s quest for perfection was now going a little too far …

I was too fat for sex…

Katey MacAuliffe managed to lose a staggering 13 stones on a healthy eating plan.

Katey MacAuliffe - I was too fat for sex

I was too fat for sex











Getting slim changed her life… until she lost weight she was a virgin. But the new slim Katey then met her husband to be…

Katey’s story was published in Reveal.

She also appeared in the Sunday Mirror.


Teen Mums …

Teen Mums - Hollie Elliot & Tracee Whelan Prosser

When Hollie Elliot got pregnant at 17,she couldn’t help worrying how she would cope.

Hollie, who has a beautiful little girl, Destiny, told her story to Real People magazine.

Meanwhile, Tracee Whelan Prosser, reassured Hollie how being a mum at 17 turned out fine for her with her children now growing up Tracee, 32, has returned to college to study fashion photography.

Betrayed by my Toyboy Husband

Andrea Gordon - Betrayed by my Toyboy Husband

Andrea Gordon emailed Featureworld in her lunch hour. Against her mum and older children’s advice, she’d married Kevin, 13 years younger than her, and been devastated because he’d gone off with another woman.

Andrea told me she was so upset and bitter, she didn’t know where to turn. We had lots of chats about what had happened and after a lot of thought, we chose Take a Break magazine to run Andrea’s story, which appeared over two pages.

Says Andrea: ‘It is without doubt the best thing I’ve ever done.

The feature was so accurate and brought total closure to a dreadful time.

It’s enabled me to put the whole thing behind me and finally to move on with my life.’

The killer next door …

June Gentleman - lived next door to killer

June Gentleman thought her neighbour was simply indulging in some noisy DIY. In fact, he was busy cutting up the bodies of women he murdered.

He then hid the body parts in dustbins around the estate where she lived.

June’s gruesome story appeared in Best magazine and was certainly one of the more bizarre stories I’ve written about ..

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I met my husband on my hen night!

Catherine Kurn story in Daily Mirror and Bella magazine

Catherine Kurn was about to marry and was on her hen night when she bumped into Kristian at a nightclub.

It was to be the beginning of years of turmoil as although she’d been set on marrying her childhood sweetheart, she couldn’t get Kristian out of her mind.

Even though she did wed, over the next five years she and Kristian’s paths crossed and the attraction never disappeared.

Catherine Kurn story in Daily Mirror and Bella magazine

Finally the couple did get together and eventually married.

Their amazing and romantic story appeared in BELLA magazine and also in the DAILY MIRROR.