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Your own publicity and press agent will negotiate terms with national newspapers on your behalf. Exclusive and high value stories a speciality. No need to worry about contracts or whether your story or photos will be published without your consent as that is taken care of for you.

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How to get your story into the papers…

Sell Your story with Alison Smith-Squire

Sell your story with Alison

If you want to sell your story to a newspaper,  I offer a safe, fast track service selling your news story to the following tabloid newspapers: The Daily Mail, Mail On Sunday, Mirror, Express, Sunday People, The Sun and broadsheets – Guardian and Observer, The Independent, Telegraph, Times and Sunday Times.

Featureworld gives interviewees full support before, during and after you sell your story. We can also sell your story worldwide. As well as selling your story to the national press, we are able to syndicate your story to magazines and also sell your story to television such as ITV THIS MORNING and channels such as SKY NEWS and the BBC.


Recent stories sold to newspapers:

To see some recent newspaper stories read on…

My three sperm donor babies … story in the Mail On Sunday

baby without a daddy

Luan and her adorable boys…

Not every ‘sell story’ agent actually sells stories to newspapers. But at Featureworld we operate a ‘whole of market’ service so your story can appear where you want. Dr Luan Ferguson chose for her story to appear in the Mail On Sunday newspaper.

Dr Ferguson is a child psychologist and had everything money could buy – except, ironically, children…

At the age of 35 a long-term relationship had just finished and she realised time was ticking on and she might end up childless.

So Luan decided to ship sperm from the US and has gone on to have three children.

Luan wanted to tell her story to help other women in the same position as she is, to have a family.

Her story was placed in the Mail On Sunday newspaper where it appeared over two pages…

Dr Ferguson has since received interest from television in her story. Read her story in the Mail on Sunday here.

Been the victim of unfairness? Fight injustice with a national newspaper story – details here.

The Nigella Trial – two exclusive stories in the Daily Mail…


Ruth and Adam Denton-Beaumont.

A source with information about one of the defendants in the highly publicised Nigella trial came to Featureworld with information to expose about a detective who gave evidence and his wife.

Featureworld was able to ensure the source remained anonymous throughout while the story appeared in a news story and as two-page feature in the Daily Mail newspaper.

At the same time, the source was paid a very good fee.

The source said: “I want to thank Alison at Featureworld for the confidential and professional way in which she treated the information. I was very happy with the way the story appeared.” 

Read more about the story here.

Do you have a tip for the national press? Confidentiality, free and impartial advice is assured when you sell your story to a newspaper via Featureworld. Contact us to find out more using the form to the right of this page>>>

Gang rape left me too frightened to leave home … Lucy Walsh bravely told her exclusive story in THE SUN and THE DAILY MAIL

Lucy Walsh, rape

Although her attackers were jailed for 12 years for brutally raping her, Lucy still didn’t feel she had gained justice.

For her it wasn’t just about selling a story to a newspaper, it was the fact that a newspaper took her concerns seriously enough to devote two pages to it.

She was upset that one of her attackers had not been caught and also that another – an illegal immigrant – had been granted a British passport while in prison.

Lucy says: “My family and I were thrilled with the story, which was very sympathetically told in The Sun and Daily Mail newspapers. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done.”

Lucy’s story was also placed with a leading women’s magazine.

Intelligent, successful – so why did Joanne trust her psychic healer abuser … story in the DAILY MAIL

Jo Mulholland

When Michael Ireland, a self professed spiritual healer and psychic surgeon, was jailed for 16 years, mum Joanne Mulholland found herself in the middle of a breaking story.

For she was one of the eight women Ireland had abused. Joanne turned to Featureworld to help get her story out there and it appeared over two pages of the Daily Mail. Joanne has since appeared on ITV This Morning and her story has also been featured in a women’s magazine.

Of Alison she says: “You are so kind and I am so glad I found you…”

Sell my Story to the Daily Mail?

I live with my husband and lover … Story in the SUNDAY MIRROR

After having an affair with Peter, Maria Butzki realised she still missed her husband Paul. At the same time through caring for the children, Peter and Paul became friends.

Sell threesome story

copyright: Featureworld

Soon the threesome were having dinners together and going on family holidays. So it seemed a natural step to all live together and they are now one big happy family.

Maria’s quirky story appeared over two pages of the Sunday Mirror newspaper and we have since gained her two further deals in magazines.

Read their amazing story in the Sunday Mirror.

I overcame anorexia to go to Cambridge and study medicine… Story in the MAIL ON SUNDAY newspaper

Simon Metin particularly wanted his story to appear in a large prestigious newspaper and to be featured on a big influential newspaper website.

Simon Metin, boy anorexic

When Simon was 14 when he became anorexic and was admitted to an eating disorders clinic. He was then filmed by the BBC in a programme called The Boy Anorexic.

But since then he has recovered and is now at Cambridge University studying to become a doctor.

He has also started a series of YouTube blogs about recovering from anorexia and wanted publicity for his webcams.

As well as a piece in the Mail On Sunday newspaper, Simon’s story was featured on the MailOnline website, which plugged his videos and gave readers a link to his blogs.

Needless to say he was delighted! Read more about Simon’s story in the Mail On Sunday newspaper. 

I dieted so my sons wouldn’t be orphans… story in the DAILY MIRROR …

John Saunders - I dieted so my sons wouldn't be orphans

We deal with lots of emotional stories at Featureworld but widower John Saunders’ heartbreaking story is one of the most poignant. Two years ago John was left a widow to bring up his two small sons alone after wife Holly died from cervical cancer. For months John found comfort in food and his weight ballooned. But he began to worry what would happen to him if he continued to get fatter. The thought he wanted to be as fit as possible and ensure his sons didn’t end up orphaned gave him the impetus to lose seven stones. He is now a trim, slim dad his sons can be proud of. We placed John’s story in Take A Break mag last year and caught up with an update which was placed in the DAILY MIRROR.

John says: “I hope my weight loss story helps others. If I can lose weight they can too.”

Read John’s story in the Daily Mirror

I’m mum to my kids … but I used to be their dad. Story in THE SUN newspaper…

Carla Lamprey

Carla reckons she is the perfect single parent – because she knows what it’s like to be a mum and a dad. When she was married, Carla used to be dad Paul. But after her marriage split she was left to bring up children – daughter Charlie and son Conor – and has now swapped sex and become a mum. Carla, Charlie and Conor have an unusual set up but they are a very close and happy family. Their story was placed in The Sun newspaper and we are now busy sorting out lots of other deals!

Carla said: “We were delighted with our positive story in The Sun newspaper. Conor even took some copies to school so he could show his friends!”

Read Carla’s amazing story here

Carla’s has since appeared on ITV THIS MORNING and her story has been sold to a glossy women’s magazine.

Ladybird was in woman’s ear for three years… story in the DAILY MAIL

Featureworld is used to selling lots of quirky stories to the press but this is definitely one of our more unusual ones! When Danielle Eccles woke one night worried a ladybird had crawled into her ear, she thought she was dreaming. A few days later her GP reassured her no insect was in her ear. But Danielle then suffered with pain and a blocked ear for three years – until one day when putting in yet another set of drops into her ear, the head of a ladybird fell out…. we placed Danielle’s very bizarre story in the Daily Mail Newspaper.

Danielle Eccles - Ladybird was in woman's ear for three years

Read Danielle’s story: The ladybird in my ear

Tanning like a celebrity gave me skin cancer… story in THE SUN

For years Donna Tottey loved to be brown. But then Donna discovered a tiny mole had scabbed over on her leg. As it didn’t heal, Donna went to see her GP. He referred her for tests and she was shocked to discover it was the most dangerous skin cancer of all – a malignant melanoma.

Since then the mum of one has found more moles on her tummy and unfortunately one of them also turned out to be a malignant melanoma. She has since had eight other suspicious moles removed although thankfully none of them have turned out to be cancerous.

Donna Tottey - Tanning like a celebrity gave me skin cancer

But Donna wanted to sell her story to raise awareness of the dangers of tanning. Having initially placed her story in THAT’S LIFE magazine, we then gained Donna further coverage in a double page article in THE SUN ON SUNDAY newspaper.


I had a sex change at the age of 69!

Donna Smith - I had a sex change at the age of 69!

Donna Smith’s amazing story of how she used to be a man called Donald but is now a woman appeared in the SUNDAY MIRROR and the DAILY MAIL. We then gained further deals for ITV THIS MORNING and CHANNEL 5.

Many people in Donna’s home town had no idea she used to be a man! In fact, since she was small, Donna knew she felt wrong.  And from her early teens she felt she was really a woman in a man’s body.

Finally at the age of 69, she underwent the sex change she’d waited a lifetime for, making her the oldest person in Britain to have one.

She never married and even today aged 74 lives alone – although she did confide she would love to meet a toyboy.

Donna said: “Selling my story has absolutely changed my life. I’ve been through so much prejudice and wanted to speak out to help others. But at the same time, I did wonder what sort of response I’d get. The response from people has been fantastic. Since going public, I have been stopped in the street many times by well-wishers saying they’ve seen my story and how touched they were by it. The stories in the papers were lovely, going on television was a once in a life time experience and the whole thing has just been marvellous.

I am just hoping Alison can find me some more as I don’t want it to stop…”

Read Donna’s incredible story in the Sunday Mirror >


Britain’s tallest girl – story sold to two newspapers…

Jessica Pardoe Britains tallest girl

Jessica Pardoe wanted to sell her story about her incredible height! Jessica stands an incredible 6ft 9” in her stocking feet – that’s two inches taller than England football striker Peter Crouch.

Jessica’s story first appeared in the SUNDAY MIRROR and then went into the DAILY MAIL newspaper, enabling the story to gain maximum publicity.

Since then Jessica’s story has been sold to the DAILY STAR, two women’s magazines, and she has appeared via Featureworld worldwide. Most recently she flew to Russia for a TV show!

Jessica said: “Alison read my story back to me before it went into the newspapers so I didn’t have any surprises when I opened them the next day.”

Read Jessica’s story in the newspapers here >


Pat Janaway - I FOUND MY LONG LOST FAMILY – ON HOLIDAYWhen Pat Janaway contacted me through the Sell my Story form I knew straightaway she had a great story to sell.

For all of her life Pat believed she was an only child. A war baby, she only knew her dad was an American officer – her mum had never told her any more.

And for years she searched for any family – but never got anywhere.

Then she and husband John went on holiday to the US and quite by accident, they stayed in a hotel next to a war museum. It as there, on a chance visit, she came across a photo of her dad, which was to lead her to discover her eight siblings.

Pat’s story was sold to the DAILY MIRROR newspaper where it appeared over two pages.

Pat says: “Selling my story was the best thing I did. John bought 15 copies of the Daily Mirror on the day the story was printed. And we’ve had calls from friends worldwide. Best of all, we have a wonderful cutting.”

Read Pat’s story in the Daily Mirror here >



When pregnant Antonia Clarke planned her wedding, she never imagined her baby would be born early. With just days before her wedding, she went into labour and she and new husband Brendan ended up having part of their reception at the hospital’s special care baby unit.

Antonia’s dramatic real life story was sold to the Daily Mirror newspaper.

Read it in the newspaper here>

Antonia says: ‘Alison … we bought about ten copies of the story in the newspaper. The story was fantastic. We were so pleased with it and seeing it printed in the paper made all of us so emotional again. Thanks for everything!’

I’m keeping a diary so I can remember my baby…

Karen Wilkinson - I'm keeping a diary so I can remember my baby

Mum Karen Wilkinson-Wigham beat killer meningitis – but the penalty was loss of her short-term memory. So now she has baby George she is keeping a diary of every day she has with him so she will never forget him.

Karen and her supportive family chose to sell their story to the Sunday People newspaper.

Their story has since been sold to Love it! Magazineand Karen appeared with mum Muriel on ITV’s This Morning.

Karen says: ‘The Sunday People article that Alison wrote was brilliant. We bought every copy and handed them round to the congregation at church. I am delighted I asked Alison to sell my story.’


My baby saved my life…

Hollie with baby Shaun and her partner Richard

When Hollie got pregnant, she and her partner were thrilled. But when she went for a routine blood test, Hollie, who’d been feeling ill, was told some devastating news – her kidneys were failing and she had just weeks to live.

Worse doctors told her she would have to terminate her baby. But bravely Hollie decided not to and incredibly, against all the odds, she survived and so did baby Shaun.

< Hollie with baby Shaun and her partner Richard

Hollie, who was diagnosed with a rare condition called Goodpastures, said: ‘I had already tried to sell my story through another agency but they hadn’t managed to find any publication to buy my story.

‘I was amazed that within a day Alison had sold it to the Daily Mirror.’

The 23-year battle for a precious birth certificate…

Newspaper Story about Birth Certificate Problem

The mistress who fought for 23 years for her daughter’s father to be named on her birth certificate…

Susanne’s lover was killed in an air crash whilst she was pregnant days before she was due to give birth to their daughter.

She then fought an incredible legal battle for 23 years to get him named on her daughter’s birth certificate.

Susanne’s simply amazing true story was sold to the Daily Mail where it appeared on page 3.

She said: ‘I was very happy to see the story published!!! Thank you so much for your absolutely fantastic work and understanding!’

Is Jordan Smith Britain’s most spoilt teen?

Is Jordan Smith Britain's most spoilt teen?Is Jordan Smith Britain's most spoilt teen?

Mum Suzanne Dickenson loves nothing more than spending money on her three sons, especially her eldest, Jordan, 16.

For his 16th birthday, Jordan (pictured with mum) enjoyed a birthday party worthy of a Premier League footballer – with his main present being a new car (although obviously he was too young to drive.) Now, for his 17th birthday, she is about to buy him another new car and build him his own cabin to chill in – despite the fact he already a jetski, motorbike and a moped. (Jordan is pictured above right with his new car.)

Jordan, whose ambition is to be a TV presenter has enjoyed all the attention. ‘I wanted Alison to sell my story so I could become famous,’ he says.

Hopefully, Featureworld has certainly sold Jordan’s story for him and put Jordan firmly on the path to fame. Already it has appeared over two pages in Bella magazine and the Daily Mailand he has also been approached about appearing in the Big Brother House.

His story attracted much interest from TV producers and currently he and mum Suzanne are in talks with documentary makers for the BBC and Channel 4.

My husband gave me his kidney

Vivien Towers - My husband gave me his kidney

Vivien Towers is one of the first people in Britain to survive a kidney transplant using a ‘mismatched’ one from her husband.

Vivien and husband Derek told their remarkable and uplifting story to the Daily Mirror.

Derek and Vivien emailed afterwards: ‘We would just like to say a big thank you for the story. It was a lovely read. Thank you again.’

Bullets flew and then I shot him dead…

Ex soldier Rick Curzon

Ex soldier Rick Curzon wanted to sell his incredible real life story of how he was in Iraq, kidnapped and taken hostage.

After making a daring escape, Rick, who had been shot and was seriously wounded, recalled how as he began to black out with the pain he thought of his fiancée, Claire at home in the UK…

Rick recounted his extraordinary story of bravery, courage and sheer grit as he fought to get better so he and Claire could walk up the aisle.

Their story was sold to a national newspaper and their true story went across the two centre pages.

My Stalker was my best friend’s husband…

Marianne Murphy

When mum Marianne Murphy began receiving chilling phone calls, she never imagined they were from her best friend’s husband.

Marianne’s story appeared in the Daily Mail and Bella.

My sperm donor baby…

Melissa Manley My sperm donor baby

At 34, Melissa Manley hadn’t met her Mr Right –

so she decided to have a baby on her own.

My sperm donor baby

Melissa’s inspiring story appeared in the Daily Mirror.

Simon Dale’s incredible ‘Hobbit house’ built for just £3000…

Simon Dale's incredible 'Hobbit house' built for just £3000

Simon Dale’s amazing grass topped eco-house built by himself as a home for his partner, Jasmine, and their two children, appeared in theMail on Sunday‘s up-market Property supplement … proving there isn’t any story too unusual for Featureworld.

Simon, Jasmine, their children and that house!

(Picture by Simon Dale)

How I lost 25st …

When Glen Murton emailed me I was bowled over by his before and after photos! Glen’s powerful and inspirational account of how he lost an incredible 25st in under one year appeared in the a national newspaper and Real People magazine.

Have you recently lost a huge amount of weight? If so I would love to hear from you!

Glen Murton - How I lost 25stGlen Murton - How I lost 25st

Glen Before and After

My dog appeared on the front page of the Daily Mail!

Louise Harris Dog

Louise Harris loves her teacup Yorkie, Lola, so much she has lavished over £60,000 on her wardrobe, baskets and treats.

Says Louise, who also went on ITV’s This Morning, ‘I couldn’t believe it when I saw Lola on the front page. I was absolutely delighted. I can’t thank Alison enough – she made my dream come true!

Falling in love saved my life…

Gemma Davies - Falling in love saved my life

Gemma Davies contacted me via the Featureworld form. I rang Gemma back and we later did her interview over the phone. She’d been self-harming for years but recently fell in love with Michael and this had helped her stop.

Gemma says: ‘My story was delicate because I didn’t want some facts to appear in print.

But Alison told me exactly how it was written. When I saw it in theDaily Mirror, I was thrilled to see it was exactly how she said it would be.’


Tracy Richardson

Tracy Richardson wanted to tell her delicate story. But her biggest concern was that it would be told accurately and sensitively. Tracy had a very strong story to tell and I told her I could place it in numerous magazines and newspapers. However, we both decided the best place for Tracy and her story would be in the Daily Mail’s Femail section.

I personally visited Tracy at home to do the interview and we emailed or spoke on the phone every day so I could keep her updated on her feature’s progress.

Her carefully written in-depth piece was printed over more than two pages. Says Tracy: ‘Initially I felt very nervous about what I was doing. But Alison is very supportive and I soon found I could ask her anything. I couldn’t believe it when I finally saw the feature – I was absolutely delighted. Alison and the Daily Mail did a fantastic job.’

Tracy’s story has since appeared in Best and More magazines.


Maria Rubia

Maria Rubia expected having a baby would be painful. But she never expected to be paralysed.

Maria, who is now thankfully recovered, wanted to tell her health story to give other women, suffering from a similar condition hope.

Maria’s story appeared in the Daily Mail. Maria and her Partner Jay are pictured.


Sarah Wingrove - MY MIRACLE BABY JOY

When cancer sufferer Sarah Wingrove, 21, was told life-saving treatment had rendered her

infertile, her world collapsed. But then a little miracle happened – in the shape of her beautiful, bonny little baby, Gracie-Maye.

Readers wept when they re-lived Sarah’s joy of her daughter’s miracle birth in Sunday People supplement,Take it Easy.

How to break the lazy parent cycle…

Sue and Barney Davies, and their three children

You don’t only have to have a good story to tell. I am always looking for people who would like to contribute to a real-life article.

Here, Sue and Barney Davies, and their three children, decided to take part in a Daily Mail experiment to see just how hard it is to stick by some ‘good parenting’ rules.

Meanwhile, if you would like the chance to take part in one of the many features I’m writing, email me some details about yourself.


I LIVED ON DIET COKE, APPLES, AND TREBOR MINTS FOR TWENTY YEARSChristine was a healthy teenager who loved her food until a chance remark about her size made her anorexic for 20 years. Now recovered, Christine told her story to the Daily Mirror and was interviewed on ITV’s This Morning.

Christine says: ‘Thanks for your time effort and endless phone calls and emails in order for this to get published. It has helped me such a lot.’


Ellie and Kaz

Ellie and Kaz recently celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary.

Their remarkable love story appeared in a Daily Mirror Exclusive and Revealmagazine.

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